anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

a quiz.

Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head, without reading the questions below. Tag 5 more people to do this quiz.

1. Mel
2. Ruishan
3. Mag
4. Khai
5. Pei
6. Simon
7. Angela
8. Tingren
9. Ex-Boyfriend #1
10. Ex-Boyfriend #2
11. Ex-Boyfriend #3
12. Tong
13. Arthur K.
14. Tris
15. Guy I Went Out With A Couple of Times
16. Paul
17. Clarence
18. Chloe
19. Baoyue
20. Eugene Ryan

How did you meet no.14?
Tris? Faculty mate. I can't remember how I got to talk to him, but I remember this blog post he wrote in his old blog about a blog post I wrote in which I jokingly said that I wanted to sue McDonalds' for breaching their duty of care to Ruishan and I when we couldn't get McFlurry's or whatever it was. He found my "legal arguments" completely retarded, among other things. That made me think that he was some frigid dude with a stick stuck up his arse...uh, sorry Tris.

On the bright side, the first impression ain't the be all end all, and I got to know him a bit a couple of months later and he turned out to be a nice, witty, decent chap. I got to know him even more recently, since we always end Trusts early on Tuesdays and doing lunch with him and Kel K is, like, so convenient (my ad-hoc lunch buddies. HAHA), and he's even nicer, wittier and more decent than I'd thought! So it's all good.

What would you do if you never met no.1?
One word: Die.

It's amazing the way everything sorts themselves out whenever we meet. We can go weeks without meeting, SMSing each other, talking on the phone; but when we meet, it's like we did it every single day of our lives. It's amazing. She makes me believe in the concept of soulmates.

Did you ever like no.19?
Yeah, BitchB is a good friend and a loyal, integral member of the Bitch Club. HAHA.

Would no.6 and no.17 make a good couple?
I scrolled up to see who they were and I totally burst out laughing. FUCK I DON'T EVEN WANT TO BLOODY THINK ABOUT IT.

Describe no.3.
Mag - the self-declared Singapore's Brainiest Bimbo, christened the Lao Sai Lian by Ruishan and I. The bringer of super lame and unfunny jokes, the girl with whom I started doing the late night phone calls thing again, one of the most important people in my life whom I completely couldn't do without. Always willing to listen, to care, to offer advice, a shoulder to sob on. My post-lecture random dessert-eating partner, Ben and Jerry's Raffles City camwhoring mate, fellow Starbucks aficionado (I think I spelled this wrong. Damn).

Quite simply, she's just Mag.

Do you think no.8 is attractive?
Yes I think Tingren is pretty!

Tell me something about no.7.
I hope this doesn't count as unintentional defamation, but the first thing that came to mind was something really disgusting she said to me in JC while we were in the toilet. She said, "My backside wants to vomit."

I think that's pretty much self-explanatory.

Do you know any of 12's family?
Tong? Nope.

What's no.8's favorite?
Haha she likes Legolas. And Orlando Bloom. More Legolas, though, I think.

What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you?

What language does no.15 speak?
Pretty sure he was monolingual in English - hence I went out with him a couple of times. Actually, it was three times. He recently sent me a message which was rather surprising considering we didn't contact each other at all after our last date-like thingy. Yeah, well, all's good.

Who is no.9 going out with?
I haven't the faintest idea. The last time I saw him was the day I broke up with him. Oh well, shrug.

How old is no.16 now?
Same as me.

When was the last time you talked to no.13?
Way too long ago! I think the last I SMSed him was in July last year, when I asked him if he was interested in going out on a date with my cousin who's single, super pretty, and his age. Haha! It was totally my mom's idea. I was sick of her nagging at me about it and so I just winged it. Apparently, he was enjoying his swinging single life which he was loathe to give up. Oh well.

Who's no.2's favorite band/singer?
I know Ruishan likes the Kings of Convenience! She has Augustana also. And she likes Postal Service. Hehe.

Would you date no.4?
And ruin the sanctity of our friendship? Hell no.

Would you date no.7?
Um. No.

Is no.15 single?
Eh, I think so, the last I checked.

What's no. 10's last name?
Chan. Oh my, I actually remember this. Props to me. (As you can see, I'm generally not on good terms with my ex's.)

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with no.18?
Eh, she's like, Chloe.

Which school does no.3 go to?
Same as me, for which I'm forever GRATEFUL.

What's your favorite thing about no.5?
We can meet up after months of no contact with each other and still talk like old times. It's fun discussing Lit stuff with her; she gets all passionate and stuff. And we talk about movies too, which actors are overrated, how hot Johnny Depp is, you know the rest. I love Pei.

Have you seen no.1 naked?
Surprisingly, no.

I guess I'm supposed to tag. Whoever wants to do it.

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