anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

A lovely day.

I had a really lovely last day of my life before starting work proper and it's put me in good stead, almost ready to face whatever shit gets flung my way. I say "almost" because who really knows, right?

I woke up at 11, spent two hours doing nothing, then went to ICA to renew my passport, after which followed my mom to Mustafa. It was my first time there ever. It was...interesting. I found some tennis apparel there which amused me greatly. We went to get henna powder for one of my aunts in Taiwan; I assume she's interested in dyeing her hair.

Too bad I didn't get to eat anything in the area as it was in between lunch and dinner so the timing was awkward. Some of the food looked good though. MMMMM INDIAN FOOD I LOVE YOU.

After that I went to Wei Chuen's for a bit and then we trooped to NUS for tennis. En route, we bought McDonalds' for dinner (for want of anything else to eat, and it WAS quite late so that was most convenient) and he ordered the new cinnammon (?) melts thingy which he heard was yummy. We ate at the squash courts and after I was done with the burger, we shared the cinnammon thing.

It was soooo good. So utterly fattening, but SO good. McDonalds' finally gets something right. And I LOVE cinnammon (shit how do you spell this. I'm very upset that I can't remember).

Tennis was nice. I kept hitting my forehand cross-court wide though haha, and he had to keep running after the ball. WELL IT WAS GOOD EXERCISE FOR HIM SO HE SHOULDN'T COMPLAIN!

We sat in my car at the bottom of his block and talked for quite a long time. What was supposed to be 5 minutes turned out to be 25 minutes. It was a good 25 minutes though. It was a good day. I love him very much.


Very truncated entry cos I wanna sleep.

Roger finally won his first match on clay. I would've been utterly horrified if he'd lost to Bjorn Phau (#135 or something like that). I hope he wins Estoril. It's only a 250 tournament so he better bring it and win it.

Tags: food, indian food, playing tennis, random, roger federer, tennis, wei chuen

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