anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

happy birthday, self.

It's officially my birthday.

As per usual, my phone is turned off, but this time, it's entirely due to the fact that it needs to be charged.

When I think of something intelligent to say, I'd come back here and tell everyone all about it.


It's comforting to know that I'm not officially 21 until about 11.25 a.m., July 14 2007, and that I'd probably sleep through it. Despite having real birthday plans this year, I still feel the traditional birthday angst, still feel a bit sad, still feel like running away, sleeping through the whole thing, taking off to a foreign country and spending the entire day by myself, wandering around like a nomad.

And yet, because 21 means you're a legal adult and an adult, period, I'm thankful to my parents for forking out five thousand bucks because of my birthday and everyone who's going to be at dinner and post-dinner drinks later on, and Chloe for making up dinner with me at lunch which will be at Wine Company. Of course, I'm slightly sad that the vague plans - or rather, hopes and wishes and expectations - that I had about 7 months back have to remain inchoate...but it is what it is. No point dwelling on the sadness, just move forward, because life goes on.

I think that's the most valuable lesson I've learned so far this year: Life goes on. No matter what catastrophe befalls you, life keeps going on. And the only thing you have to do? Adjust, adapt, keep the fuck up. That's all.

I suppose that's my 'something intelligent' to say.

I think there's more where that came from, but...a bit tired now. So, later. Will definitely update this.

Tags: angst, birthday, personal

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