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A survey from Tris' blog. I'm leaving in his hilarious rants at the person who wrote the survey for "cheating" him of questions. I think the more likely explanation is that the moron doesn't know how to count, much like how he (actually, he is probably a she) doesn't know how to spell and has atrocious grammar. I was laughing my ass off the whole time I read the survey.</p>

And since I'm bored, I'll do it too!

(Note: Tris' comments are in brackets. Not parenthesis, but BRACKETS. The square ones [].)

1. Did you just wake up?
→ Uh, no.

2. Who's [Idiots can't even spell] car were you in last?
→ Agree. Idiot can't spell. My parents' Toyota.

3. When is the next time you will kiss someone?
→ Seeing as I'm single and NOT loose, who the hell knows? Hopefully someone falls in love with me soon 'cause I'm bored.

4. What color shirt are you wearing?
→ Green.

5. How long is your hair?
→ Not long enough.

[at this point, I realise I was cheated of 2 questions. F****rs!]<--- See? Damn funny lah Tris.

8. Last movie you watched?
→ Hmm. The Oh in Ohio on DVD. IT FUCKING SUCKED. Not funny, no plot, no point. Ugh, what a waste of money. In the theatres...I honestly don't remember. Pirates? It sucked too.

9. Last thing you ate?
→ A heavenly Godiva truffle with chocolate and rum fillings. So. Damn. Delicious.

10. last thing you drank?
→ Water.

11. Where did you sleep last night?
→ ...

[Fucking quizmaker is cheating me of questions.]<--HAHAHAHAHAH.

13. Are you happy right now?
→ Surprisingly, yes. How amazing.

14. What did you say last?
→ 'Tian de? Bu yao.' Mom was asking me if I wanted to eat ice jelly. I was like, "It's sweet, so no." It IS 9.44 p.m. after all.

15. Where is your phone?
→ On my table, to my left side.

16. What was the last museum you went to?
→ National Palace Museum in Taipei. I don't like the new concept. Fucking noisy and full of stupid tourists who can't talk softly. Ugh.

17. What color are your eyes?
→ Dark brown.

[1 more question stolen, the bastard.]

19. How was your weekend?
→ It was my birthday. Enough said.

20. When was the last time you had your heart broken?
→ Rather recently but it's all water under the bridge and everything's cool now. And it was definitely a two-way thing.

21. Who/what do you hate/dislike currently?
→ Sorry, but I can't be the least bit bothered to hate/dislike people. Not enough time, you know? I either like people or I don't care about them.

22. What are you listening to?
→ My grandma talking in the dining room.

23. Are you excited?
→ About what?

24. What is your favorite store?
→ Esprit, Mango, and Forever 21 which is a new addition. Zara, not so much anymore. And I bought a bag from River Island yesterday and I LURVE IT. My old, 2-year-old black Mango tote was lying around my bedroom floor for 2 months and it was damn dirty and I didn't feel like washing it so I went out to get myself a new bag. You know, for work. Yep. I can bring it to school too so definitely awesome.

25. What day is it today?
→ Tuesday.

26. What were you doing at midnight last night?
→ Facebooking. Hahah.

[4 WHOLE QUESTIONS!!!]<---Tris should chill. :D

30. Are you left-handed?
→ Why does Tris eat left-handed?! No I'm not.

[The counter just keeps ratcheting up...]

32. What's for dinner tonight?
→ Dinner is over.


34. When is your birthday?
→ Duh.

35. How tall are you?
→ 165 cm. I wear three-inch heels to work so...yeah, do the math. It gives my feet excruciating pain. But it's worth it 'cause it's hot.

36. Who was the last person to send you a text mesage?
→ Tong.

[Now THIS is weird. Giving me back a question? Aw, you shouldn't have.]<---Like I said, the dude can't count.

35. last time you were in a swimming pool?
→ Few months back?

[but soon, we return to status quo...]

39. Where was the last place you went shopping?
→ River Island! Their sale ain't much of a sale. I got my new bag for $75 which isn't cheap. At all. And the original price was like, 115? And the entire bag is animal-friendly. WTF?

40. Who made you laugh today?
→ This other intern at the Firm. He was telling me and this other dude about his experience at a client interview where a very high-up lawyer had his competence questioned by his punk of a client. Damn funny. Wish I'd been there! Grr. I shouldn't have left at six man.

41. Do you have any expensive jewelery?
→ Nothing over a hundred bucks.

42. AIM or MSN?
→ Neither. I'm sick of this survey.

43. Where do your cousins live?
→ Singapore and Taiwan.

[Click X 4]

47. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
→ 1 younger brother

48. Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
→ Like, totally. No explanation needed; the recent birthday celebration is evidence enough.

49. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
→ I want to sleep, fuck.

50. Do you drink beer?
→ Occasionally. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel like a cocktail, other times a beer. Usually a cocktail though.

[when will this numerical insanity end, I plead?]

52. Myspace or Facebook
→ Facebook. I hate MySpace's look.

53. Do you have T-Mobile?

54. What is your favorite subject in school?
→ None.

55. Do you smile a lot?
→ I'm really tired of this crap.

[Never going to give up a query now, are you you selfish bastard.]

57. Do you have any talents?
→ I'm a grammar Nazi.

58. Have you ever been IN a wedding?

59. Do you have any children?
→ Like, so totally.

60. Did you take a nap today?
→ I almost did whilst reading King Lear in the office whilst waiting for work. The poor overworked LA had to sort things out which, uh, took a while. Thankfully I got to read the bundle of pleadings for Monday's trial in the end. Hmm, this means I can only go to school to register my subjects on Tuesday. Oh well.

Anyway, it wasn't because King Lear was boring; it was because I was DAMN SLEEPY.

61. Ever met someone famous?
→ Um, I saw Jay Chou up close for three seconds and got his autograph after queuing like a moron for 4 hours. Count?

And Edison Chen touched my hand. Count?

Who cares?

63. Do you want to be famous one day?
→ Like, so totally.

[WAAAHHHHHHHHHH]<--Tris was really distressed.

65. Are you multitasking right now?
→ No. I can't multitask. I'm way too single-minded for my own good.

[Stop taking my questions! Stopitstopitstopit!!!]

68. Whats one of your favorite things to do ?
→ Got apostrophe lah idiot. Wah lau.

[*sniff* All alone in my hour of need and yet 4 more queries lost.]

72. Ever been to Las Vegas?
→ No. Not on top of priority list either.

73. What are you doing today?
→ Went to work. Had a blast.

74. Have you ever been gambling?
→ What's wrong with people with such atrocious grammar?

75. When is the last time you updated your blog?
→ ...

76. Have you been to New York City?

77. Ever been to Disneyland/world?
→ Not interested.

78. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
→ I don't like cartoons. At all.

79. Last thing you cooked?
→ I can't cook. Yes, I'm one of those females.

[you just won't let me go will you.]

82. Last time you cried?
→ You wouldn't wanna know.

83. Last time you were sick?
→ My crappy flu is making a comeback.

84. Do you like anyone right now?
→ Hahahahahahahahahaha.

85. Do you think anyone will repost this?
→ Tris, you were wrong. I REPOSTED IT. And I'm totally regretting it. Anyway, who cares? This survey sucks.


Work was tons better today than yesterday. I went to court in the morning which was definitely better than sitting in the office reading King Lear (not that King Lear isn't readable, but if I wanted to read King Lear, I wouldn't wake up at 7 a.m. and go to an office in Raffles Place to read it). I sat in on a pre-trial conference which took, like, five minutes, while the waiting time was way longer. Sadly, it wasn't a criminal case. I don't think I'm doing anything criminal at all this entire period. The upcoming trial isn't criminal either but it's rather interesting in a want-to-tear-my-hair-out sort of way which I will get to later.

So yeah. I feel quite bad for the legal associate, henceforth LA, whom I followed, because he was so distracted this morning that he didn't even realise that the cab took us to the Subordinate Courts until we got out and walked towards the entrance. I also feel quite bad because I heard the cab driver say "Havelock Road?" when the LA told him "high court" but somehow it didn't register in my head that Havelock Road = Sub Courts, not High Court. And it didn't register in my head either when we arrived at the Sub Courts that we were at the wrong place.

Me so not a morning person. The dots simply didn't connect. Like, at all. And we were running late, too.

I just realised that it was kind of the first time I followed a lawyer to court where I wasn't standing around waiting for the other party to arrive.

Or maybe it wasn't the first time and I'd forgotten the previous times when that happened, because when I was following HY around in the previous firm, she was almost always early.

I was very sleepy this morning so I only half-registered the things that were said in the...courtroom. Chamber. I don't know what it's called. If the other party's lawyer hadn't been talking to the LA prior about the case, I wouldn't have any idea what went on at all. Damn, I need coffee in the morning. I need coffee throughout the day.

So that was my morning. I went back to the office at around 11.30 a.m. and read King Lear. Why King Lear? BECAUSE I'M WATCHING THE PLAY THIS SATURDAY. OMG IAN MCKELLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited. And Edmund is SUCH an Iago, playing both sides the way he does.

Shit, I've so missed this Shakespeare nonsense. Even though I was half-asleep I couldn't help but take out my orange marker and underlined all the phrases that were obviously quote-worthy for examination purposes. So amazing, Literature is.

I spent my afternoon attempting to hunt down a laptop (I'm in the library WITHOUT A COMPUTER, hence my absence on Facebook. How horrifying) because I kindly volunteered to help this other intern do research after he described his plight to me in rather great detail, but I didn't manage to in the end. I called the IT dude on his cell actually and told him what I wanted, but when he came to look for me in the library, I wasn't there. And why wasn't I there?

Because I was sent out to serve documents! Like OMG how exciting! I felt so pro walking out of the office with the two documents in hand and my awesome new bag on my shoulder.

Except...not really. Because I got to where I was supposed to go, which was a government body, and I was SO. PISSED. OFF. There was NO ONE at the receptionist counter save for a bell and a 'ring for assistance' sign. So I rang the bell - repeatedly. I thought someone would come out shortly, so I took a seat. But no one came out.

There were a couple of other lawyers sitting in the waiting area, and when I got fed up with waiting (which was after three minutes because I'm not known for my patience) I told them that I was there to serve a document. They told me to ring the bell - so I rang the stupid bloody bell again.

Waited some more, NO ONE CAME OUT. What the fuck. I expected it to be a really quick thing - go there, tell the receptionist what I was there for, get the acknowledgement, get out, go to the other place and repeat procedure, get Starbucks, go back to office and enjoy Starbucks. But NO. I waited there for, like, EVER, until my impatience became really apparent, so much so that one of the lawyers there told me to just go into the office or I'd be waiting forever.

So I went in and told them what I needed and immediately someone came out. They were just standing around, talking. WAH LAU EH. Are they deaf or something? I rang the bell ten million times for chrissakes.

In the end, it turned out that I didn't have enough copies of the document, so SOS call to the lawyer who sent me on the errand and eventually they were told they could serve the rest tomorrow morning. It also turned out that I needn't go to the other place too 'cause the lawyer from the firm was, coincidentally, there. So I served the document to him, he signed the yellow sheet of paper, and all was good.

What an exciting afternoon. Right. Well, it was better than being in the office - library - so yes, I'll take what I can get.

So I got back and walked around with the other intern (henceforth K) until the LA from the morning spotted me and after some pestering from me, gave me the bundle of pleadings for Monday's trial to read.

So, about the trial and what I read this afternoon.

In short, it's a quasi-matrimonial sort of situation. Messy break-up, monetary payment from male to female, female not satisfied, female harasses male, etc. I want to tear my hair out because such a situation can be resolved between themselves if they bothered behaving like mature adults, and it boggles the mind that they can actually waste money going to court over this.

The thing with people is that they jump into situations that come with some really obvious strings attached without considering the consequences, and somehow they develop blind spots that block out those strings. So they get themselves into potentially messy situations. The shit hits the fan. They try to take back everything and expect to call everything quits just like that, nevermind that their actions and the situation they jumped into came with implied representations that will create legitimate expectations in any average female.

Everyone does this at some point in time. But not everyone goes to court and wastes time, money, paper and resources squabbling over childish matters that are really, really able to be resolved privately. Everyone experiences traumatic break-ups, everyone wants some sort of compensation or payback; but not everyone makes it the law's problem. And when someone makes it the law's problem, it becomes the lawyers' problem. And I don't see why I ever have to bother myself with such crap.

The entire bundle of pleadings completely boggled my mind, and I thought that I couldn't do family law or anything related to matrimonial proceedings and break ups and whatever. It's just so completely...meaningless. When I think about how there's really no law in any of these things, I just can't imagine myself being one of the lawyers assigned to the case and dealing with it without wanting to kill someone.

Okay, I can't really put into words the problem I had with the case but nevermind. If all goes well, I'll be dealing with it for the rest of the week. I hope I don't kill myself in the process. Because I really have no patience and sympathy for people that can't think, people who are so blinded by their stake in the situation that they fail to exercise their rational faculties and just be an adult.

Sigh. Hopefully I get work tomorrow. I don't wanna spend my morning reading King Lear when I could be sleeping.

Anyway, I was trying hard not to give away too much info when I was writing about the case so I spent longer on this entry than I'd expected. Uh, I don't think there's anything else left to be said.

So. Yes. Interesting day.

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