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contract and how it refuses to leave me in peace.

It's 1.46 a.m. currently and I'm actually really, really, really super tired. I left the office today at 10 p.m.

Before any jaws drop in shock however, let me clarify that I stopped doing real work at around 9.15 and I basically spent the rest of the time talking to the other intern, Kenneth, and having a ball of a good time not doing work. Bwahaha. I brought back the part on duress I photocopied fully intending to read it but I'm way too tired and I just found a couple of stuff online which I've saved in my gmail so...yeah. I'll read everything in the morning. I'm going to bed after this.

The thing is, I'm supposed to prepare a memo of sorts on Duress by around 3 or 4 later on today. Which means I have to work in the morning - and I am totally NOT a morning person. I anticipate that I would need lots and lots and lots of coffee and somewhere peaceful and quiet. Sigh. I may even bring my own laptop 'cause the Fujitsu I used yesterday (as in Wednesday; it's currently Thursday) was really shit. But I'm too lazy to charge my battery. We'll see.

I spent my entire day pulling out cases, printing them, photocopying them, stapling pages together, punching holes in them, and filing everything up. When the LA gave me the stack of research materials the previous intern churned out and asked me to get every single case mentioned in the said material, I thought it should be done quite quickly. But because I ran into numerous problems with the printers and I had to ask for help to photocopy and because I'm slow, period, it took me the entire day. I was even 15 minutes late to go for lunch. Like, wow. I think my LA expected me to read the cases, or at least get a feel of what they were about, but - there were THREE HUGE FILES' worth of cases. That's three big, black files. And I honestly never knew that fucking Etridge was 84 pages long.

I really regret not listening to Contract because I realise now that I learnt nothing in my entire 1 year Contract course and right now, I really need my 19-year-old self to learn something. But too late. Because I know SHIT about duress, I don't even remember what economic duress is, I don't know the difference between duress and undue influence. And the awful thing is, I don't remember what happened in Trusts either! Argh can I die please? WTF is a gift?!

I can't look at anymore law. I'm going to die really soon. I'm probably going back to the office over the weekend 'cause this is all really exciting stuff. I can't wait for the trial; I've never been to one before (trial advo obviously doesn't count). So exciting!!!

I don't really like the part where I have to do research, especially in the morning 'cause that's when my brain is completely asleep and half the time I realise that I have no idea what I'm reading, but you have to do all the sai gang first before you get to the cool stuff.

Uh, I'm way too sleepy to make any sense. My air-con is damn cold. I don't know why. I've been wearing my new Novo black heels which are almost 3 inches high and I've decided that I can't take it anymore. IT'S DAMN PAINFUL LAH. I pasted ten million plasters on my feet and it still hurts like mad. Since I won't be going to court until Monday, I'm gonna wear comfy shoes. I wanted to buy a new white shirt but I can't be bothered anymore lah; I'll just rotate the pathetic 3 long-sleeved shirts I have (the other one is stripey and not white) like I'm wearing a uniform.

Apparently the Firm doesn't have dress-down Fridays. I'M SO SAD. I totally miss my jeans. Sigh.

Bed, here I come!

Oh, before I forget, my LA saw me reading Chitty on Contract or whatever in the library and said that I didn't have to stay, etc. Then I mentioned something about me not being a morning person at all and therefore it was better that I stayed behind for a while and got something done (but I didn't, not really anyway. I haven't done the reading part). He was all, Try to rest early.

Then he went on to say that he sleeps at 3.

I was slightly incredulous, and I asked, So what time do you wake up?

Seven, he replied. And he said 4 hours' of sleep is enough for him.

I think everyone in this profession is nuts.

Because I've been sleeping at 2 a.m. these few days because of internship and I think that's early.

Right, I'm REALLY sleepy. I'm having quite a blast right now. How surprising, eh? I mean I was all pissed in the morning because of the printers but after a while, things started to work again and it was fun staying until 10 in the office! Hahaha. Okay, but that's purely because Kenneth is fun to talk to but it didn't feel like I was staying in the office.

I can't think anymore. I need to wallow under my blankets to keep myself from freezing to death.

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