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i heart mango sales and other stories.

One: Driving


This time round, the fault was entirely mine. To cut a long story short, a long story I will get into anyway, I screwed up my vertical parking - for the first time ever. Totally unbelievable.

Here's the long story:

I was the last person to leave the waiting room; that itself gave me a funny feeling. The said funny feeling stayed with me when I got into my car, started the engine, and drove into the circuit. For some inexplicable reason that I haven't yet fathomed, the entire thing had me in a semi-haze. I basically had no idea what was going on.

It got worse after I did the stupid S-course, when I exited and hit the curb. I was like, Shit. This is damn bad. But I didn't know how bad it was until I turned into the vertical parking area, stopped at an appropriate distance from the lot, and attempted to park.

I reversed. When the pole disappeared, I turned to the left. I reversed some more, waiting for the pole to show back up...but it never appeared. Not even the slightest hint of it appeared. That was when I knew that I'd completely screwed up.

And how did I screw up? The initial positioning was completely off. I half-knew that I was doing vertical parking, but the other half forgot to position the car towards the right side of the divider.

To make things worse, I'd never screwed up my positioning before, ever, and the only reason I can park in the circuit is because I memorised all the steps. So the screw up had me in a state of fluster and confusion. I didn't think that I could get the car in anyway if I did some adjustments; I asked the dude if I could try again, he said okay, so I drove out, attempted to position my car properly, but discovered that the same damn thing was happening when I reversed.

In the end, I hit the damn curb. I got my car in eventually, but I hit the damn curb. Including the first curb I hit post S-course, I'd chalked up twenty points. To add further damage, I took more than 3 minutes to park my car. And I didn't even know that I only had 3 minutes to vertically park.


But nevermind. The test went on. I half-screwed up the stupid crank course; I didn't fully turn back the steering wheel before the second turn. Thankfully I stopped before I hit any more curbs and I did my adjustment properly and everything, but guess what? The dude took off four points because I did not go through the motions of safety-checking before I reversed.


After that he was all, "Let's drive out."

And I changed lanes at the bloody pedestrian crossing. Which apparently I was not supposed to do.

ARGHHH! A complete disaster, it was. It was WAY worse than my first time. It was only when I was driving back after like five minutes that I realised I'd failed. Because I was like, "Wait a minute. I didn't do parallel parking."

And also: "Wait a minute. How come the route so short one?"

Duh, Yelen. Res ipso loquitur, okay? How absolutely retarded. And how absolutely frustrating and upsetting.


So, the next test is in September. I don't care if I have to sell my damn soul for this; I'm getting my driving licence. It's do or die. I CAN'T STAND TAKING PUBLIC TRANSPORT. And I don't have any more money to waste on taxi fare. Ego, I NEED MY LICENCE. OR ELSE.

During the evaluation the dude was like, "Your parking is very bad."


Instead, I sat there silently, nodding at the appropriate intervals, and blankly taking the test sheet without so much as a smile or a 'thank you'.

I was quite sad. Poor me, right?

Two: Post-driving + I Heart Mango Sales

Except, not so much. I was scheduled to meet Mag in town, and when I got irritated with the shuttle bus that took forever to come, I cabbed down to Orchard where I spent a hell lot of money and immediately felt better.

No, actually, I didn't even buy that many things from Mango. In fact, I can't remember what I bought. I do know this though: I left the house with my $400 allowance. When I left for home, nearly half of it was gone.

Okay, I bought a pair of jeans, a top, and a skirt from Mango. I think those totalled up to about...dude, I have no idea. Over a hundred bucks? I think it was 75 + 33. 108! And...I don't know what I spent on. There was food, there was the cab fare, I owed people money...argh. Dammit.


But you know, I think it was worth it because I was happy after walking out of Mango. Shopping makes me happy, especially when it yields tangible results. Bwahaha.

While I'm on the subject of fruitful shopping expeditions during Mango's sale period, I would like to announce that I lugged home $146's worth of clothes from Mango today.

In my defence, my primary objective was really and merely to buy myself a dress to wear on my birthday. Which I accomplished about two hours after I started shopping. After that, I had like, an hour and a half to kill before my mom picked me up, so what was I supposed to do, sit around and stone? I didn't have a book with me. I'd already bought coffee from Starbucks. The obvious thing to do was to continue shopping, obviously.

Also, I decided not to buy this really pretty tube top, which means I still know the meaning of self-control.

Okay, fine, the truth was that the top was a bit loose but never mind that.

I need to stop shopping. I need to reorganise my closet once more. It's getting really, really, really crowded and messy.

Three: Et cetera

a. I'm still taking part in Golden P. I know Tris has copped out, lousy him, and I haven't heard anything from Chloe. She better keep the pact man, considering SHE WAS THE ONE THAT MADE IT.

Problem is, my poems suck.

Okay, some of them are good, but the others are not.

At least there is a unifying theme. Hopefully that counts for something.

And if truth be told, I've read the stuff that won first prize in the past and...let's just say that I'm in no hurry to jump out of my chair and throw my panties at the winners. Yep.

b. Happy 21st birthday to Pet! I took forever to walk to her aunt's condo from Buona Vista MRT station because I got lost. But it was a great party and her mom is awesome. Mag and I had a very nice time talking to her. And Pet looked super pretty that day in her 70's gear.

We're all adults now. Sob sob.

c. And it's my stupid birthday this weekend. Great.

At least I have a pretty dress to wear.

Need to drink after dinner if not will not be happy.

Must make reservations at Loof.

d. Love Twin Peaks. I JUST realised that Special Agent Dale Cooper is Desperate Housewives' Orson Hodge. NO. BLOODY. WAY.

He (Kyle MacLachlan - I can't spell) looked much better with short hair. As Orson Hodge he looks crazy and insane. It's probably also because he's obviously older now, considering Twin Peaks came out almost 20 years ago, I didn't even KNOW. And I adore Special Agent Cooper; he's so adorable. Orson Hodge, however, still creeps me out.

Amazing. I'm...amazed.

e. I still haven't got my period leh. And I was damn emo last night which should be PMS but...sigh. I have no idea.

Oh well.

f. We shouldn't want things we can't have. You only feel sad when you look at the $7,000 Tag Heuer with diamonds all over it and no money or means to make it yours.

We shouldn't want things we can't have. But if we don't want things we can't have, how do we progress?

Life. Sucks. Majorly.

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