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I finished watching Twin Peaks and I was dismayed to discover that they did NOT reveal the identity of the murderer.

Therefore, if anyone still doesn't know what to get me for my birthday, you can get me the USA version of the second season of Twin Peaks. Hahaha.

The uncensored version of Mulholland Dr. on DVD would be awesome too.

Actually, I'm currently bidding on a Season 2 Twin Peaks DVD set on eBay and I seem to be winning but there are still 4 days and 9 hours left, so who knows. HMV is selling the set for like, nearly a hundred bucks which is FREAKING INSANE. Thank goodness for eBay!

Going to Sentosa on Friday. How exciting.

I painted my nails today. First time in months. A pain in the ass.

Also, I met Jose for dinner. First time in years. I had a good time. :)

Tags: friends, movies, tv shows

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