anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

love for stereophonics.

I'm officially a Stereophonics fan. I have four of their CDs, 3 albums and 1 live album. I bought You Gotta Go There to Come Back because I love "Maybe Tomorrow" and...yes, it's good! Their songs DO kind of sound similar though, but that's what happens all the time anyway. And I can't resist Kelly Jones' sexy, raspy voice. Very shaggable, you know?

Anyway, I watched Knocked Up and The Simpsons yesterday (Tuesday, 31 July). Knocked Up was awesome, The Simpsons was okay. But I've never been much of a cartoon person, so there you go.

At the end of Knocked Up I found myself thinking that I might want to have a kid in the future. I think it's seriously time I shot myself in the head. Because that probably means I want to get married - which is horrifying as it goes against every single fucking thing I ever stood for. And let's not forget the fact that I've never been in a long-term relationship. I was going to say that I've never been in a relationship that lasted for more than ten months but I don't really consider the first boyfriend a real relationship because it was...completely meaningless and empty, not to mention more or less purely hormonally-charged, so I chose to say that I've never been in a long-term relationship instead.

I think we've probably had this conversation before, but in any case, there's something wrong with me. It must be the case, must it not? I'm too short-tempered, I'm too cynical, I'm too cold, I'm too emotional, I'm too clingy, I'm too needy. What else was it my ex-boyfriends said about me? I'm too smart. I'm not mature enough. I'm too uncaring. I'm uncaring, period. I'm too caustic, too self-centered, not independent enough.

Oh, fuck it all. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I could be the person that everyone expects me to be instead of falling short all the time. It would save us all a lot of time and energy wasted on tears and hurt and whatever else. Because there comes a point in time when enough is enough, but not quite enough, and there is really no finishing line in sight.

You know, I really do like Stereophonics. And maybe tomorrow I'll find my way home. Maybe tomorrow, indeed.


I've changed my phone. Old text messages stored in the old phone cannot be transferred to the new one; but old text messages stored on the SIM card have been carried over, the only difference being the dates which have all been reset.

I will miss the T630. But there are lots of fun to be had with the new S500i all the same.

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