anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

after the storm.

Year 3 commences tomorrow. Yesterday's afternoon spent at Siloso Beach, Sentosa was a fitting end to what has been an incredibly fruitful and meaningful summer. Internships, Taipei, meeting up with friends, getting drunk, clubbing, and finally closing a brief chapter of my life - I feel like a phoenix that's risen from the ashes, or, less pretentiously, a butterfly that's just broken out of its cocoon, balancing delicately on the uncertain but exciting brink of its new life, possibilities infinite.

So here goes nothing, and here's to everything. The immaterial conundrums of the past will cease to bring me down, and these wings that have hardened at long last will finally help me take flight. Here's to being 21 (the latest to join the party is Mag, on August 10), here's to Year 3 of law school, here's to the two years of law school that's passed me by, largely in a blur. May everything finally iron itself out and may I never lose focus ever again.

Tags: friends, law school, personal

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