anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

first day of year 3.

First day of school in brief:

1. I was late for Personal Property Law because I woke up late.

2. I signed up for next week's Emergencies and Legal Theory presentation on John Locke's Prerogative. This is why: When Prof. VR was going down the list I couldn't decide what I wanted and as a result the topics at the back were all filled up; because everything else was taken up, it was between Dicey's Rule of Law and John Locke; because it was about choosing the lesser of two evils, I chose John Locke; John Locke was the lesser of two evils because the readings were significantly thinner; and because I absolutely HATE presentations and talking in class, I thought I'd choose the earlier ones so that I could get the torture done and over with. At first, I thought Dicey would be a good choice, until I looked at the stack of materials which was, as I said, significantly thicker than the Locke readings. Don't know about the article on IVLE but...seriously. Dicey? Completely unreadable. So yeah, I have to do a presentation next Monday with this Year 4 guy and the reaction I got from these two other Year 4 guys who were sitting in the same row as Mag and I was something along the lines of, "Tell her [me] we'll pray for her." Great. Whatever; he's NOT gonna siphon away all my presentation points. Because it's like 10%, hello? And class participation is 10%. Which means I have to talk in class, oh the horrors.

3. But no other horror in the world can compare to the horror that is the intensive module I took, Rational Social Choice and the Law. Initially I really wanted to do it because the sypnosis sounded interesting and because it ends on 31 August; but after retrieving the bundle (and I mean, BUNDLE) of materials from my mailbox and glancing through them, I've reached the conclusion that the course description is the most apt example of MISREPRESENTATION to ever come into existence, trumping ALL the contractual cases on the said subject that's ever gone to court. Because the description made it sound like it was a very intellectual, law-based and therefore WORDS-based kind of course. But guess what I saw with absolute horror when I flipped through the materials? TABLES. GRAPHS. EQUATIONS. STATISTICS. LIKE FUCKING MATHEMATICS ALL OVER AGAIN. I am going to DIE. But I am not dropping this class because 1) I'm stubborn like thatt; 2) I refuse to believe that I can't comprehend this shit; and 3) I REALLY WANT A SLACK TIMETABLE AFTER AUGUST. Because after this module ends, I'd only have 3 modules to take. And that sounds REALLY good to me. And I'm also too lazy to through the add/drop process and hunt down another module to take because there's really nothing left, so...ugh. I'll keep on trucking. NO MATTER WHAT.

4. Emergencies and Legal Theory, henceforth Emergencies, was probably the best thing I've ever done for myself. Insubstantial, fluffy, completely useless - I love it. It made me think that I really should've taken Jurisprudence. And the Emergencies class is particularly interesting because there are like, 4 local students out of like, 14, and I've never heard so many different perspectives on a single topic in a single session before. The exchange students, especially the LLM students from India, really talk a lot. And what they say is damn interesting. Because the India legal system is a lot like the Singapore one. But I'm too tired to go into that so we'll just leave it at that.

5. I quite like Personal Prop as well.

6. I think I will like Evidence because it's PRACTICAL and FUN, even with a 6.30 PM tutorial slot on Monday.

7. I really hope I don't get completely trampled over by my rational social choice intensive. ARGH. Why can't everyone just express themselves in words? I don't understand graphs and figures. At all.

8. Watched Secret after school with Mag, therefore continuing our legal tradition. HAHA. It was okay. Lame story, shit-assed pacing (the movie was DAMN SLOW), purely wallpaper scenes in which fuck-all happened. But the music was good, predictably and unsurprisingly, and the last part of the movie, save for the ending, was rather well dramatised. But the ending ruined everything for me; it was illogical...well, not so much illogical in the ordinary sense of the word. It was illogical in the context of the movie. The dots didn't connect. But I did like the way Jay Chou looked in that very last scene in which he had his trademark hairstyle. Yep.

9. Time for Desperate Housewives!

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