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Crappy movie.

I just came back from Iron Man 2 and it was so boring that I was restless and sleepy throughout the whole movie. It only got interesting for 10 minutes towards the end, when the action started, but the action ended as soon as it began. Even I, Girl Who Cannot Possibly Care Any Less About Bombastic, Special Effects Overkill Action Scenes, went, "That's it?" when the bad guy was finished off (this is not a spoiler. Note I didn't say "die". And all bad guys are finished off in big budget brainless movies). There was no discernible storyline, it was not engaging, and the bad guy's motivation was super lame. I didn't feel any real conflict between the bad guy and Iron Man. How does an action hero movie work without conflict? Simply put, it doesn't.

Iron Man 2 was a colossal waste of time and money. I expected as much as I could from a sequel, but judging by how awesome the first one was, I expected a little bit more from this sequel - but it failed to deliver on every count. I like Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, but they made his character so unappealing, and the snark was arrogant and indulgent. The chemistry between him and Gwyneth Paltrow was intriguing for the first half hour, then quickly died off when all Paltrow did was berate him over and over which quickly got old. The other characters were also pretty much useless, and I know I'm not supposed to like the Hammer guy, but boy, was he annoying as fuck or what. Bloody actor over-acted every bloody scene.

So yeah, the movie sucked. Wei Chuen was excited about it but concluded it was a let down when we walked out, which goes to show further how bad it was. I was very happy when it ended.


Yesterday's tennis was pretty good - played quite well and wasn't as dead as las week. There was a memorable rally where I won using my brains but I don't remember how it went. My forehand also held up pretty well which is always good. Backhand is STILL bloody flat, the most frustrating thing being sometimes I think I'm applying topspin and I'm immediately proven wrong when the ball lands smack in the net.

There was this girl playing with a couple of guys at the far side of the compound. It was a very hot morning, as usual; halfway through she took off her top and played in her sports bra.

Er, that's nice.

No, really, that's kind of weird.


Sometimes I think I'd be diagnosed with depression one day. I'm the perfect candidate for post-natal depression.

Something's seriously wrong with me.

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