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good weekend.

I had a very good weekend and I passed my driving test. Yay! It's rather funny how I passed though, but nevermind about that; the material, essential fact is that I passed!

Most unfortunately however, the computer system at the driving centre was down so I couldn't process my licence. Shit. I had grand hopes of driving to school on Tuesday and getting Ruishan to park my car for me but alas, it is not to be. I'm deliberating between going down to the centre tomorrow after Evidence and Wednesday before that status of homosexuals talk in school...either way, I'm getting my mom to drive me. I cannot stand the thought of taking 66 then 985/187 to the centre anymore. I've been doing just that for the past week and it's COMPLETELY ANNOYING. Enough is definitely enough.

It took me an hour - the length of the entire You Gotta Go There to Come Back CD (Stereophonics) - to get back to school for Evidence tutorial after my test. What a complete waste of time. But walking up the slope to the campus was quite enjoyable though; it was probably the most strenuous exercise I've had in a while.

I plan to swim tomorrow after Evidence. Yes, I do. I hope it's sunny. There's no way I can swim in the cold, wet weather.

Anyway, Evidence tutorial was mind-numbing. I tuned out after a while and got on MSN, which wasn't that great an idea, to be honest. I can't keep MSNing during class because it defeats the purpose of being in class, you know? But Personal Property lectures are totally MSN material, as are Evidence seminars, it would appear. How tragic.

So in Evidence I had two guys flirting with me on MSN which was rather disturbing considering they were both from my JC but not in my batch. One was in the batch above mine, the other below. I haven't talked to the latter in two years because his constant flirting annoyed the shit out of me back then and I remember attempting to study for my Year 1 Sem 2 exams and still constantly get text messages from him and it was just annoying, so I stopped answering and after a while he stopped texting me. I can't believe he still has me on his MSN list. It's been two years and things haven't changed at all.

Excessive flirting is rather creepy, if you want my honest opinion. Or maybe it's just me. There has to be a point at which it stops, you know? Too much of something becomes a bad thing really, really fast.

The other guy is also someone I kind of blew off in Year 2 Sem 1. The story isn't really very pleasant and the reasonable person would think I was a complete bitch, so suffice it to say that I went out with him twice and the second time was because I felt bad about the first time and after that, no more. A year or so later I found him on Facebook and added him just for kicks, and we met up again a few months ago and it was good in a friendly sort of manner, but then he started texting me and I'm really not much of a SMS person, so I replied something generic and obviously conversation killing-ish and it stopped.

I'm really cool with being friends with everyone. Just don't harbour some hidden desire of crossing that clear platonic line because I'm not really into such things anymore, at least not at the moment. I'm quite tired. And a part of me still thinks there's no point.

Well, who cares. Anyway, MSNing during Evidence will not be something I would repeat. I hope. Ruishan wasn't on MSN, how shocking. Haha. She would've injected some semblance of normalcy into my MSNing whatever but, well.

Anyway, like I said, I had a very good weekend. I also spent my weekend doing absolutely zero work. I am so screwed. I totally need to start on my Rational Social Choice research paper. ARGH! I'm screwed, screwed, screwed.

Saturday - had dinner with Mel in town. Food Republic is like, so our turf, and we shopped at Esprit. It was really fun. She took forever to decide whether or not to buy this sweater and pants which totalled up to about a third of my bank account balance (which is dangerously low but not at the level of shit-brokedness yet) and in the end she decided to buy. And we had thick toast with peanut butter at Toast Box and it was yummy. She was also looking at blenders, which made me feel damn useless because I wouldn't know a blender from, like, an egg beater, or something.

Okay, I exaggerate, but I'm sure you get the general idea.

Sunday - I accompanied Kenneth to watch his friend sing in an a capella (I can't spell) concert with his (the friend) JC choir mates. It was quite good. I saw Lester there and this girl I met from who, incidentally, reads this. It was a good evening, yes. It was a good Sunday. I had a good last revision lesson for driving, had nice French toast with maple syrup, and Kenneth is very funny.

So that was my very good weekend. It would've been great if I'd done all those things and work, but, well. One shan't be greedy.

I'm typing shit. It's that time of the night when I start to ramble.

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