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a completely useless entry. don't bother.

Words of wisdom from yesterday's Evidence lecture:

"It was not part of anything done, or something said while something was being done, but something said after something done."

Lifted from Rex v Bedingfield by some English judge while deciding what the test for res gestae should be. (I would love to write res gestae in English but apparently there's no English equivalent, and most unfortunately but unsurprisingly, I don't know what it means.)

Don't you simply love lawyers and the extent to which they get so creative with words? Like, totally.


I now have two papers due on October 1. One of them was imposed on me - Rational Social Choice - and the other is a transaction voluntarily entered into. I'm supposed to write a short essay for Emergencies and I'm choosing to do on Judicial Review in Singapore and UK, which is on October 1. I'm supposed to submit my essay at the start of the class for that particular topic so the deadline is October 1.

I'm incredibly lazy. I'm also incredibly unadventurous. Because I've already written twice about the Chng Suan Tze case and I think I could probably lift a bit from my Public Law essay...on second thought, I don't remember what I wrote, so maybe not. But the fact still remains that we did that case in Year 1 and Year 2 which means a third of the work has already been done, so all I need to do is to read that UK House of Lords case which is admittedly super long but bearable I'm sure, and MH's article on...whatever it is.

But I haven't started on my Rational Social Choice paper. I haven't done any real studying recently, to be perfectly honest. It's all rather dire-looking. I hope I'm not screwed.

Evidence is confusing and it's not that fun. If I had a choice in the matter I wouldn't take it but, well, compulsory modules and everything.

Not looking forward to tomorrow's 9.30 a.m. Personal Prop class. I hate morning lessons; half the time I'm struggling to stay awake.

You know, I should start securing some class participation points for myself but I really dislike talking in class, and people who talk too much in class, especially when they have nothing interesting to say, and what they say misses the point the tutor/lecturer is attempting to make know what, who cares.

This entry is useless.

I'm reading Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 5 and I laughed out loud to myself while reading the following in Ya Kun Holland V:

"The third bullet was for [Billy the protagonist], who stopped dead center in the road when the lethal bee buzzed past his ear. Billy stood there politely, giving the marksman another chance."


Lastly, I think I'm finally becoming more Singaporean. I now would rather drink Kopi-C kosong peng than Starbucks coffee; more importantly, people understand me when I tell them 'Hello uncle, I want kopi-c konong peng'. Additionally, I love toast with peanut butter! That thick toast I had with Mel at Toast Box last Saturday totally converted me. I still violently dislike kaya though. I ordered cheezy (sic) French toast with Kaya at Ya Kun today and I didn't like the kaya and only ate it because it was just there so might as well utilise it.

That is also a very Singaporean way of thinking.

I need to go back to Personal Prop.

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