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Insurance and Stupid People

I collected my ultrasound result today. I waited close to an hour for the appointment because some earlier patient held everyone up. Nice. Anyway, apparently the second lump (which I couldn't and still can't feel, but which was detected by another doctor via ultrasound last May) has disappeared, but the first one is still there. It's basically a cyst which means that I'm not gonna die and that I don't have to go for an operation to remove it, so all is well.

That said, I am rather miffed that I spent over a thousand dollars with the first doctor to do a biopsy, which now appears to be quite excessive and unnecessary. I guess this is the difference between going to a private clinic and a government one: the latter isn't disposed to wasting your time and money with unnecessary procedures. Ah well.

The annoying thing is that my breasts are now excluded from a hospitalisation insurance plan that I am buying. My parents stupidly cancelled a hospitalisation plan that they bought for me when I was a kid and free of diseases and problems on the basis that I'd started working and therefore I could afford my own insurance. I found out that I didn't have a hospitalisation policy when I tried to make a claim for the biopsy that I underwent last year, just to be told that I didn't have a policy. Great. My gastritis is excluded too. It's a good thing I don't yet have a clear diagnosis of iron deficiency or whatever, or that would be excluded too.

In other news, there is still no news on the PhD front.

Lastly, I need to stop responding to ignorant and self-righteous ang mohs in the comments section of some of The Guardian's articles, especially ang mohs that diagnosed Singapoeans with 'Stockholm Syndrome' from their lau pok arm chair in (presumably) the United Kingdom.

Lastly (for real), this is a real Facebook post; I'm not making this up:

T**** Q***
Yesterday at 13:04 ·

The Heavens wept when Jesus died on the cross for all mankind. The Heavens are weeping now for the loss of our Nation's greatest leader... RIP Mr LKY.

I feel like writing, 'Sounds like an intriguing new religion. Where can I sign up for the Church of the Holy LKY?'
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