anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

I am back.

The reason that I haven't written over the past week or so is because my laptop suddenly died on me when I was idly and aimlessly using it on my bed one night. One minute I was buying songs from iTunes; the next minute, my screen had gone black and the backlight of my keyboard started flashing. I forced it to shut down and turned it on again, just to be faced with the same problem. Googling the problem yielded zero quick fix solution, so I eventually sent it for repair. Apparently something went wrong with the motherboard, whatever that is, but the important thing is that all my data are intact. This was an especially worrying thing because, being me, I didn't back up anything and randomly saved things on my OneDrive while keeping the rest - including all the photos from my trip to Croatia, Bosnia and Spain with Wouter last year - in my C drive. Not very smart, Self. But when I tried moving things to the OneDrive tonight, I was reminded of why I couldn't be bothered after a while: it took too damn long. Alas, I am not going to take the risk of relying on the C drive, so I will be going through the painful process of moving everything to the OneDrive.

In other news, Wouter visited me over the last 9 days or so. After spending the first few days of his visit in Singapore, we flew to Langkawi, an island in Malaysia. I will write more about this tomorrow; for now, I am really tired. Off to bed.

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