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George Ezra <3

New popular music tends not to grab my attention for a long, sustained period of time. In fact, I haven't been excited about a new album - by anyone and from any decade or period, really - for a very long time. I'd hear snippets of what's currently popular when I'm in a mall or a restaurant or a cafe, sometimes even on the radio when I'm driving and forgot my iPod, and sometimes I'd like a tune enough to remember some of the lyrics and look up the song later. Nothing has really appealed to me; I got a copy of Echosmith's album but wasn't crazy about it, and more recently, Sam Smith failed to impress after a couple of listens to his hit song (which I find rather sentimental and overwrought).

On the other hand, I'd been meaning to check out George Ezra's album after hearing 'Budapest' a few times in Amsterdam last year. Not only is 'Budapest' really catchy with a quirky folksy vibe, but he also has a very distinct deep baritone voice, such that I was shocked when I found out how young he is. Being me, though, I forgot all about my intention for the next few months, until a couple of weeks ago when I randomly decided that I wanted some new music.

I've been listening to Wanted on Voyage non-stop for the past few days, ever since I got back my laptop (the night I bought the album was also the night my laptop died). I am totally in love with his voice, and I totally love how different his songs are from the rest of the stuff in my iPod. I love the cheerful, carefree feel to his songs (minus a couple of darker offerings in the album), the up-tempo, and the sheer prettiness of slower numbers like 'Barcelona'. 'Barcelona' is one of my favourites for sure, and I can't decide which is dreamier: the soothing guitar riff or his soothing voice.

What makes him even more awesome, though, is definitely his video for 'Listen to the Man'. There are no words that I can use to describe the amazingness of the music video, so I will just post it here:

SERIOUSLY. How freaking adorable was that?!

I really regret not buying the deluxe version of the album. I didn't know how much I would like it, because I wasn't head over heels when I sampled the album, but decided to buy it anyway. I don't think iTunes offers the option of upgrading to the deluxe album, so I guess I will buy the bonus tracks individually. ALAS!
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