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Okay, it seems like my goal to finish my Thailand paper by today is fast becoming an Epic Fail. I spent my whole afternoon alternately trying to write about south Thailand's history of separatist Muslim activities and, after I found myself getting bored, being distracted by David. ARGH I'm so annoyed with my paper! I swear I had NO IDEA what the hell I was writing about; I ended up mostly copying and pasting from a couple of articles I found. My footnotes - 41 at the moment WTF - are full of "supra"s and "ibid."s (Tris, Grammar God, please correct my punctuation).

BOOOOOO. I still don't want to write this paper and I want to change topic but that's not gonna happen, so I better do whatever I can to at least get 80% close to the conclusion so that I can finish it tomorrow and start reading my Comp Crim stuff. I kind of finished the history bit even though it's in serious need of fat-trimming, and now I'm trying to do the self-determination bit. I wrote one sentence - "Self-determination was first put to the international community by Woodrow Wilson" - and immediately got bored.

I need an attention span that can last longer than 15 minutes.

But why is it that my attention span never wavers when it comes to Cookie?

And speaking of - in DCook-related news, I find it really hilarious that people are freaking out and breaking down over a story published by, er, OK! Magazine (a tabloid) that David is dating Lacey Schwimmer, a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance which I don't watch. She was the same girl who was hanging on to David at the end of Don't Stop the Music. I'm too lazy to link to a picture but yeah, I'll admit that when I was first saw it I was like, "OMG GET OFF MY MAN!"

(Just a warning before you click on the link: She listens to bad music. Paramore? Seriously? But she's quite pretty so maybe that's an incentive.)

I was entertaining myself with hilarious posts on the official Idol forums about how people were crying over the news and how they were all heartbroken. There was this particular post that left me not knowing whether to laugh or cry. The poster was saying how she was "grounded in reality" and yet, she was heartbroken because now she wouldn't have the chance to give David a chance to develop an interest in her if/when (I'm not sure which one she had in mind) she meets him. Yeah, so grounded in reality.

Wait let me look for the actual post. It's just too WTF not to reproduce in full.

"I see I'm not the first to catch that OK article. I'll bet it's true. Deep down I am grounded in reality, but I am still hurt and I don't know why, it's not like I'll ever have him but I hate that there are so many attractive girls in Hollywood and David wouldn't stop to look at me for a second. I also hate that I don't have a chance to be near him just long enough to get to know him and see if I could steal his heart over that dancer's. Grrr. *cries* Sorry Kristy Lee Cook if I ever bashed just because of rumors. Now I hate this other girl instead."

Where do these people come from? It says a lot about a person's level of intelligence if she's able to "bet" that a stupid "story" published in a stupid tabloid is true. And how "grounded in reality" can a person be if she said, " also hate that I don't have a chance to be near him just long enough to get to know him and see if I could steal his heart over that dancer's"?

Wayyyyy too funny. And I thought I was obsessed.

Lastly before I torture myself some more with self-determination, Andrew's Facebook status update goes, "Andrew is can't wait til tomorrow night! It might be a tear jerker..." (And he just removed it.)


And yeah there's a story behind the tear-jerker thing but I'm still not comfortable with talking about David's family matters so yeah, move along now, nothing to see here.

I'm still wishing he'd (Tris - would or will?) sing My All, just for the smothering sexiness factor and hearing him sing, "I'll risk my all to feel your body next to mine." Or however the exact line goes. It'll be right up there with "your hands on my waist, something something and now we're face to face." Or however the exact lines go. And I bet he can emo the shit out of that song and out-Mariah Mariah. Seriously.

Now I need to decide if I can tahan not knowing how he did tomorrow all the way until 10 p.m. Knowing myself, I'll (Tris - would or will?) probably read all sorts of spoilers the minute the phone lines open on the East Coast.

Lastly for real now, here's a public and open invitation to Tris to correct my grammar whenever such mistakes arise. I hereby confer the title of Ultimate Grammar Nazi to him because he totally is. <3

Edited to add:

OMG HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY IS OPENING ON 24 APRIL! Who wants to watch with me? SOMEONE PLEASE WATCH WITH ME!! H&K is like one of the very few American slapstick comedies that I actually like so I HAVE TO WATCH IT.

Yeah got exams and shit but aiya, watching ONE movie won't screw up your exams!

So exciting!!11!one!


Edit #2 at 11.08 p.m.:

Wow, I can't believe I've written 17 pages of my paper when I have no idea what I'm writing about.

I'm two-thirds done, so I guess I don't totally fail at life. Can't quite declare I win either - at least, not yet.

I'm really sick of this shit.

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