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(david cook) you'll always be a part of me.


I didn't cry, but I came pretty damn close.

I can't even. I don't even. I just. I have no words.

I think that song came out when I was in primary school and it was one of the most pop songs to have ever popped, and David's treatment of it was just.

He was just. So.

And then at the end when he cried.

No words can do this performance justice. I'm not even going to try anymore.

OMG I think I'm going to cry and I'm so not the crying type.

He's amazing. I've said this since the first time I fell in love with his voice, and it's just not possible to say it enough. He's absolutely amazing. I can't even describe what it is that he does to me. He just gets under my skin and moves me the way very few singers/bands have, and he's not even singing his own songs.

He's so brilliant. I'm playing his performance in my head and I just...I can't even...this is so utterly incoherent but he's just so genuine and real and talented.

I have no words. Mere words simply don't do David Cook any justice.


Edit at 11.34 p.m.:

I have no words, so I'll let someone else do the talking. I saw this blog post on David's Livejournal community; apparently it's from here.

"Personally, when all else fails, and the days are difficult or simply lucklaster, there's always Idol. Given that, around 40 minutes into the show, I was feeling let down.

But then, magic.

David Cook did so well. I was so proud of him. And when he stood there with his face in his hands, he couldn't stop crying and neither could I. His eyes were filled with tears, not only because the judges' reviews were so overwhelmingly positive -- citing his talent, authenticity, and artistic maturity -- but because of what was going on in his emotional world.

David doesn't talk about any of this on the show. He doesn't talk to Ryan Seacrest about why he wears the orange bracelet he wears each week.

The story on the bracelet is as follows: David was given the bracelet by a man whose 7 year old daughter, Lindsey Rose, who is a huge fan of David's, is sick with leukemia. Her entire family wears the bracelets as a sign of solidarity, and when David was told about the little girl, he said he would love to wear one each week so she could see that his thoughts are with her. Lindsey, of course, was beyond excited, especially when she received a phone call from Cook. He hasn't missed a week yet, and I've even noticed that when he's wearing a shirt that doesn't allow the bracelet to have visibility, he will hold it in his hand. Cynics from VotefortheWorst or elsewhere can say he is doing it to get votes, but screw them. He hasn't talked about it in the media. The way viewers found out was from a television report done by her Dad, Charley Belcher, who works for a TV station. Incidentally, the orange bracelet (Lindsey's favorite color) has the little girl's name on it, and on the other side says, "Do whatcha gotta do." Being a total Idol geek and a David cook fan, I know all of these details, and again, I am not embarassed...right? "Do whatcha gotta do" is something that Lindsey said when her Dad had to leave her behind and go to work. He felt bad leaving her. But being a tough little noodle, she said, "Dad, do whatcha gotta do." He never forgot her words of bravery, and I suppose they are helping David too. What a partnership forged through television!

Additionally, as many know, David's brother Adam, a 36 year old attorney from Indiana, is close to the end of his struggle with brain cancer. I had heard recently that it's metastasized into his spine, but I'm not a family member and honestly can only report what I have read. When Cook was rushed to the hospital after the show 2 weeks back, it was because of physical symptoms - racing pulse/heart palpitations/high blood pressure -- that reportedly were in response to hearing of his brother's decline.

Tonight, as David showed his tears to the world, his brother was miraculously sitting in the audience. Given weeks, maybe days, by his doctors, he was told he couldn't make the trip to see his baby brother perform. Due to the kindness of others, donations were raised that enabled Adam and his wife to travel by medical jet (to the tune of $40,000) to see the show. Aside from the fact that David's performance was, in my opinion, far and away the best performance of the night, he was able to have his brother there at a shining moment in his life. The camera panned to David's family once the judges offered their praise, and David began to fall apart on stage, and then I noticed his brother. His brother, who is my age, looked weak and pale; certainly he didn't look well. But, I can only hope, that at least for those few moments, some of the worry and the pain vacated his heart and body. For those moments, I'm hoping cancer wasn't rowing the boat. Beside him sat his wife, whose heart must absolutely be breaking. The extent of her suffering, well, I can't even imagine because letting myself go there tears me apart. To think about living out your true love's final days, and clutching onto the joy you've shared, the memories of your wedding, your courtship, and knowing -- no matter how hard you pray or how much you bargain with God, the angels, or the Universe -- that you cannot save half of your heart. If she's anything like me, I'd tell God to put it all on my plate. I'd beg to be taken instead.

This was a powerful glimpse into a family just like yours and mine. Tragedy strikes all of us. I'm tired of hearing that this whole story is to pull votes for David. I'm so tired of hardened cynics. He hardly needs false votes. In my opinion, he has been the dark horse who has, in front of all of us, changed his colors. I only hope he can finish the competition.

Anyhow, here is his touching performance of Mariah's "Always Be My Baby". He surely made the most of Mariah week, and to me, his tears show strength of character and allegiance to authenticity. I am so happy that tonight his family was able to experience some joy and a few moments of levity.

I would very happy to see David Cook win American Idol Season 7."

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