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School Ramblings

I submitted my Thailand paper and all I can say is, I'm So Surprised It's Not Overdue.

I'll be downloading my Comp Crim take-home exam question in exactly 1 hour and 27 minutes. And um, I haven't studied at all.

I'm going to need a serious, major miracle to get through the exam in one piece.

OH WELLS! Too bad lor.

I still can't decide which is the lesser of two evils: defences or offences/crimes. I also can't decide if it's better for me to panic now or later.

But since I'm lazy, I think I'll go with later, then see the questions and pick the one that requires minimal reading (note how I'm not even saying re-reading).

This entire semester has been one major screw-up. It doesn't even feel like school's in session. Bell's Palsy certainly screwed up my momentum, but it wasn't like I did anything to get it back, so yeah, it's my fault.

And I honestly don't care anymore. Blah blah angsty shit blah whatever.

David Ramblings

I'm sorry, David Cook is just infinitely more interesting than school.

First, the studio version of Always Be My Baby, set to sexy pictures of David:

It goes without saying that I absolutely love this recording. In fact, I love all his recordings, but with the exception of Day Tripper which I only like (David's voice is amazing as usual, but the song's kind of boring; it just goes on and on. The live version is much better: short and sweet and to the point, and sexy as hell). I'm really hard pressed to pick a favourite because I love all of them for different reasons.

Having said that, Always Be My Baby is probably his most pop recording. I love what he did to the Mariah song and how, instead of going the stalkerish route which the lyrics of the song definitely lends itself to, he made it a wistful, melancholically (which is not a word but whatever) hopeful break-up song. This is also probably the only time I'd get to hear him sing words like "baby", "girl" and "darling", so I'm definitely happy.

I highly doubt and I certainly hope that this song isn't representative of his music though, because if he puts out a CD post-Idol that sounds like that style-wise, I'd be VERY upset. I love his interpretation of the song (I never thought I'd live to see the day where I use the phrase "song interpretation" in reference to a Mariah Carey song) and absolutely love the tinge of tenderness in his voice and just the way he sang it, but I DON'T WANT TO HEAR A DAVID COOK ALBUM FULL OF WORDS LIKE "BABY" AND "GIRL" AND "DARLING". Please David, for the sake of my sanity, No.

I'm actually legitimately worried that he'd put out a Daughtry-like album after Idol. He's so much more talented than Daughtry will ever be. He doesn't stay in his rocker box (in fact, he hasn't gone back in a month and I miss Rocker David) and he does all these different things with his songs, things that Daughtry never did during his Idol run. Daughtry had one emotion - angry. And I'm using the adjective instead of the noun on purpose. David isn't afraid to tap into his inner feelings and use it on a song, as per Always Be My Baby and Billie Jean and Little Sparrow; he does killer arrangements as per Hello, Always Be My Baby and Little Sparrow; he is an authentic "rocker" (hate this word but it's convenient) as per Day Tripper, Eleanor Rigby, All Right Now and to a lesser extent, Happy Together; and even when he bombs, he's not all that bad, as per Innocent.

He understands and knows music so well that he brings all these musical nuances that make a world of difference to the overall effect of the song. See, for instance, Always Be My Baby and the harmonic chord at the end.


And it's been a month and a half and I STILL love his Analog Heart songs. That's the kind of music he should be putting out post-Idol. Not necessarily in the same style, but with the same idea and the same heart. David has the potential to be a mainstream success without sounding mainstream, and I really need him not to sound mainstream because I hate mainstream "rock" a la Nickelback and The Click Five or whoever (saw some ad for their concert here while watching Idol and the background music was utter shite) that's all derivative and utterly soulless, to borrow a paraphrased lyric from Innocent. I generally don't give a damn about the personalities and histories of the bands I listen to and I'm a pretty casual listener, but I can't casually listen to crap.

I know I'm jumping the gun since there's still the Idol tour which OMG I CAN'T ATTEND MY LIFE IS OVER, but I just really want his post-Idol career to go right. And by "right" of course I mean "my way".

Like I keep saying, David should get his ass down to Singapore so that we can hurry consummate our marriage and I can hurry drop out of law school and manage his career. Totally a partnership made in heaven right? I think so too.

Also, I saw this T-shirt on someone's blog. The person bought it and took a picture of the shirt (along with a Cookie poster she bought). There was once when I was talking to Mag on the phone and she was joking about making me wear a David shirt as an ultimate sign of my insanity, and at that time I was all, "NOOOO THAT IS SO LAME WHY WOULD I WEAR A DAVID SHIRT?"

I must be more insane than I think I am. Because all of a sudden, I find myself like, OMG. I WANT THAT SHIRT.

Okay, I don't necessarily want that shirt because I don't like that picture of David and the American Idol logo is just gross, but I want a Cookie shirt.

And with that, I have officially hit an all-new Fangirl High.

I want to take a nap before my paper so let me finish this quickly. I must say that I was totally squeeing over yesterday's results show. Not only did David look absolutely hot in that fitted black polo-t, he also announced on national TV that he's single.

Is it wrong that I felt genuinely happy and excited for about 5 seconds when he said that? Because I did. Not only is he NOT dating Gross Lacey Schwimmer who had the GALL to talk to People magazine about David's family when David himself hasn't breathed a single word about it, not even on the show, he's also not dating anyone! Isn't that great? I think it is! It's fantastic!

He did, however, outright lie because he's still totally married to me.

As for why that even came up, someone called in to ask if he's single during the call-in segment and David totally squashed the Lacey Schwimmer rumour when he was like, "What camera do I look into?" and said, VERY EMPHATICALLY, "Yes! Yes, yes." And he looked all embarrassed and cute too.

He should date a girl who wears dorkily cute glasses, like the non-Chinese violin player in the Always Be My Baby video. I'd say he should date the Chinese/Asian girl, but she's not that pretty so no. And I'm typing nonsense.

Lastly, more proof of Cookie's Unstoppable Charting Power: MP3 downloads:

iTunes downloads:

I find it quite ironic that his two biggest Idol singles to date are two very, VERY successful pop songs. Okay, Billie Jean way more successful than Always Be My Baby, but yeah, don't nitpick. If he'd nailed his Innocent performance, that would've been massive too. The studio is really great though so boo to that.


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