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I got back from school a few hours ago. Can you even CONCEIVE the thought of going to school on a Saturday? I hate that. My school has this really stupid ECA (oops, I mean, CCA) fair thing. ECAs, for the uninitiated, are after school activities. They're compulsory. So I had to help out at my ECA's booth. I'm in a literary and debating society. I used to be in the drama one, until I got sick of it and the teachers got sick of my face and asked me to leave. But anyway, it was boring. The drama club had theirs in the same room as ours, and they put up their version of Cinderella, which is basically said fairy tale meets Moulin Rouge. They even had a few members dancing on stage, a la Moulin Rouge (or so they hoped). One girl, V, god, she's such a big fake. She's always casted as the bimbo, and she plays bimbo so well that I think it's her other half. It's part of her. She really reminds me of those snotty cheerleading type you see in American high school films.

I was going to diss her even more, but I decided against it. It will only serve to make me look petty and small.

A question for the language experts out there: is "Diorama" a word?


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