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di er tian (day 2)

First, I would just like to say that the song "Sekai Ga Owaru Made Wa" by Wands is absolutely fantastic, not just because it's Mitsui's song but also because it's just, like, wow. I can sing the chorus even though I haven't the slightest clue what the heck I'm singing about. I mean, you don't actually expect me to remember the English translation right?</p>

Anyway, I'm sun-burnt and tired right now but I had the closest to what one would call 'fun' today. That is, until everyone gathered in the hall and started screaming like mad chickens. That was fun for a bit but after a while it just got old. Had a telematch. Don't really know what that means but everyone had to play so I did. We did some weird chair game where twenty people were squeezed, literally, onto a row of chairs and we had to pass chairs to the front from the back and um, yeah. My group was one of the last. I was gripping for dear life onto my new friend's arm as I was really scared that I'd fall.

Sometimes, I can be suuuuch a girl.

Etc etc. It was really hot so I was thankful for the water bit, where one had to hold a water bottle with holes over one's head and run and stuff. I got totally wet, and later on this funny, crazy group leader came over to me and poured his ice-cold water on my head. Damn shiok man.

That guy who poured the water on my head, he's Japanese. Raised in Singapore I think. During lunch when I was sitting by myself watching people play basketball he asked me if I'm Singaporean. I said, "Yes, why?" He said, "You don't look Singaporean." Then I said, "My dad's Taiwanese." He said, "You don't look Taiwanese either."

I'm not that exotic-looking, seriously. It's just a mug, man. I wouldn't have guessed that he's Japanese if it weren't for his name. Um, correction. I wouldn't have known if I didn't overhear some girls asking if he's Japanese.

Anyway I'm playing basketball tomorrow. I didn't want to but nobody wanted to do it, and it was already 6.30 and I was supposed to leave an hour ago so I was irritated and everything so I just volunteered. I'd be doing it out of love for Mitsui so I'll wear my Mitsui shirt for luck. Hopefully the people I'd play against are even more half-baked than I am so that I can win, 'cause I want to win, even though I totally suck at basketball. The only thing I'm good at is fouling, and I'm talking bad fouling, where it's obvious that I hit the opponent's hand or drive my elbow into the opponent's shoulder, and not good fouling, where, for example in today's Slam Dunk, Mitsui pretended to be knocked over by an offensive player to prevent him from scoring. So the referee blew his whistle and was like, "Offence charging!" That was really cool and Mitsui looked sooooo charming as he got up from the floor.

About driving my elbow into the opponent's shoulder, I actually did that once, when my brother, mother and I went to play last week. We did two on one against my brother, and I was defending him, and he wanted to do a quick and fast lay-up but I saw that coming so I held up my arms and moved in front of him. The stupid idiot charged into my elbow and still had the audacity to claim that I, the super genius, committed a blocking foul! Uh, right!

Okay. I did. But it was definitely unintentional. How was I supposed to know that he'd run his shoulder into my elbow?!

Anyway, more about today. They taught us new dances and I got completely confused. One was to Jennifer Lopez's song, can't remember what the fuck the piece of shit is called but it was a boy-girl thing, and the Japanese dude I mentioned earlier partnered me with this guy who made me want to laugh everytime I happen to glance at him out of the corner of my eye, mid-dance. I don't know what is it about him. He either doesn't care or doesn't know. Then again, who am I to talk? I danced just as badly. I honestly have no sense of direction. When they went left, I went right. When they went front, I went back. Kind of embarrassing but I can't spend my whole life, or even a minute of it, obsessing over such trivial crap. I mean, everyone looked equally dorky.

But why Jennifer Lopez? That song is so crap.

Real Madrid beat Sevilla 3-0 and they're now number two on the Liga table. Yosha. My mom's gonna cancel our subscription to the sports channel. It's okay. She'll get it back once it's time for the La Liga finals. I'm gonna watch Madrid win win win! Because they are so gonna!

I think my group leader is really cute. I just noticed it today even though he was around practically the entire time yesterday. He's the good-kid type and he's in the Science stream, and from what I hear of his conversations with the other Year Twos (they talk really loudly, it's not like I'm eavesdropping), he's Mandarin-speaking. Still, it's nice looking at him.

Heheh, I like being in a co-ed school. Bwahahahahaha.

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