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better late than never

Ooh. I'm aching everywhere. And it's not an exaggeration. Both my arms ache, both my legs ache and both my arse cheeks ache. It's bad. I can't even walk properly. All because of orientation yesterday, which was thankfully the last day, which also means certain things I wouldn't go into here 'cause it's way too embarrassing.</p>

It was fun yesterday. Yeah. The basketball thing, my team was last. I and another girl were the only ones who volunteered so this girl from another group joined us 'cause we needed three people. In the end there were only 4 teams doing it. And we were last. I wasn't wearing my Mitsui shirt so I didn't have Mitsui luck. Such a shame 'cause I really wanted to win. And I fell down once, can't quite remember how but the girl from the opposing team asked me if I was okay when the match ended so I suppose she pushed me by mistake. It didn't even hurt, but I landed on my butt pretty hard. I almost committed a technical foul but the refs didn't call me on it. I ran hard for the ball and caught it even but my right foot landed outside and the ref blew the whistle and yelled, "Out!" So I was pissed 'cause my stamina is really bad and I was panting and everything so I threw the ball down and was like, "Fuck!" Really loudly too.

And some girl kept pushing me as a means of 'defending.' Ack. It's fouling and the damn refs didn't even whistle her for it. I could've and should've pushed her back but I was too busy worrying about grabbing rebounds (which I didn't really do well in) and catching passes from my team-mates. It could've been a lot more fun if we'd won. I just hate losing.

Anyway, after lunch we played war games. Too lazy to describe everything so I'll just do the one that got me all achy and sore and painful. Everybody was supposed to crawl under tables and chairs on a wet floor while the Year Twos pour water all over you. Sounds like cake, right? It's not. Crawling under tables is fine but not under chairs. I had to get on my belly and push myself using my arms, but because my arms are pathetically flaccid and weak, I couldn't go very fast. Um, actually, I went like a snail. My arms began to ache a few seconds after they made contact with the floor. And a little while after that, my left foot cramped up but I couldn't stop 'cause I didn't want to drag everyone down, so I ignored it and kept going. I was the last girl and behind me were the six guys and they were all over my ass! I was still struggling to fucking finish the damn thing when the first guy was already behind me, telling me to hurry, blah blah blah, and when I was done I rolled over, and following immediately were all six of the guys.

Talk about embarrassing! Now I have bruises on my elbows and sores all over my body. To add to that, my handsome group leader was there watching. I mean yeah he had to be there but argh! It just sucks!

Was fun while it lasted though. My toenails are scrapped and chapped and they look disgusting.

That's not important though. After dinner (which was really, really, really crappy and I threw most of it away) everyone gathered in the hall for performances and stuff. I sat on the floor and enjoyed everything. Some crazy guy from my group dressed up as a girl with big breasts and paraded around, looking like a bloody ape, and it was funny. JJC has a lot of ridiculous cheers that don't make any sense. I like the Superman one 'cause I get to jump around.

It's too bad, really, that my handsome group leader wasn't around for that bit of the programme. He wasn't around much yesterday. He appeared for the war games and disappeared promptly after that. He wasn't even around to get water-bombed by the Year Ones. Why baby, why? Why?

Throughout the course of the three days I've spoken, like, a few sentences to him. He was standing right next to me yesterday when waiting for one of the games to commence, and he even looked at me for a while, but I didn't say anything to him 'cause I didn't know what to. He isn't like the Japanese guy, who's a lot easier to talk to. Like yesterday I asked him if he spoke Japanese. He was sitting on some fitness equipment and I just went up and sat down and asked, "Do you speak Japanese?" It was so simple. He's nice and friendly towards everyone, always cracking lame-ass jokes and making people laugh.

But I think I found it easy to talk to him because he came and talk to me first, on Friday when he asked if I'm Singaporean. My handsome group leader (don't know what the hell to call him) doesn't talk to me. All he does is answer my questions and ask me, along with everyone else, to cheer for the team. Like, okay, fine. Too freaking bad, eh?

Been typing for way too long and my arms are about to die. I'm starting lessons on Monday. Whoopee. I don't even know what subjects I'm taking yet, or what class I'm in, etc etc etc. I'm definitely taking E. Lit and Economics though. The third subject is either History or Geography. I hope I get History even though I put it as my second option.

Then again, it's fine with me either way.

Yesterday's night thing at the hall almost made me want to stay, but when the MC (?) onstage shouted, "Hwa Chong can't hear you!" I got reminded that that bloody JC is where I want to go, for reasons unknown to myself. Still, my O Levels result will probably be like shit so we'll wait and see.

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