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Davis Cup. (Edit: The Campaign to get Djokovic to STOP PLAYING DROP-SHOTS.)

One of the commentators of the Nadal/Djokovic match, after Nadal served a double fault in his opening service game: "Well, he does have the sun in his eyes."

Uh, that's nice, but so did Djokovic when HE served at that side. He didn't serve a double fault. What's your point?

I like neither Nadal nor Djokovic but I think it'd be awesome to see Nadal lose on clay, so I'm hoping Nole pulls off an upset here. I definitely don't see it happening (though I do think this match will take a while) but well, here's hoping anyway.

France lost the doubles. Stan and Yves lost the doubles. Fuck. France HAS to win. Gilles HAS to win Stepanek and I'm sure Tsonag will beat Berdych. Not too positive about the remaining Swiss/US rubbers though. Not hopeful about Stan's chances against Andy and I don't even know who the other Swiss singles player is. Sigh.

Can't wait to watch Roger in Indian Wells!


ETA at 6.02 p.m.:

I'm so sorry but I laughed my ass off when Nadal missed an easy, clear down-the-line forehand winner. That unforced error also gave Nole 3 break points. Nole converted the second and broke back.

I can't believe I'm rooting for Djokovic. Like, seriously. Still, he kinda looks like he's about to collapse any second and I bet he's gonna choke under the pressure. I'd love to be proven wrong but I doubt it.


ETA at 7.25 p.m.:

Nadal is the luckiest person in the world. At break point, his volley hit the let cord, and when it looked like it was about to fall back into his court, it fell languidly into Nole's.

WAH LAU EY. Nadal apologised quite profusely for that but still - break point saved by sheer LUCK.

Nole's gonna lose this for sure. Also, I think if he wants to continue drop shots, he really has to practice them until he reduces his margin of error. I saw him hit three drop-shots this match. He only made one. And the other two he missed were at crucial points, one of which was a break point for Nadal. WHAT THE HELL. Clearly he didn't do anything to improve his drop shots in the off-season; I still remember those four (five?) missed drop shots in a row in one of his Shanghai Masters Cup matches, and you'd think he'd do something about it. But nope, apparently not.

Ugh. I'm really sad I'm not gonna get my upset. I've given up on watching. Matches played on clay are significantly slower than the hard court ones (though some hard courts are fucking slow) and I'm bored and I'm not interested in seeing Nadal win, so I'm gonna go watch Heroes now.

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