anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

another wasteoftime stupid retarded entry.

Yeah okay, so I have some - a lot of - unresolved issues. No one, however, likes dealing with issues and I'm not exempt.

Right. So it's currently 4.30, I have less than four days to cover 18 more topics and I haven't started studying. Ho ho ho. Let's count the number of ways by which I can die over and over and over again.

My grammar has either deteriorated or it's been staying in the same sucky place for, like, ever.

You know, there are some people in law school whom I just really, really dislike. I suppose the bright side to this is that I can count the number of such people on less than five fingers, but still. I wonder why they even exist in the first place. But it's a good thing that I'm hardly in school anymore, and won't be in school for three months after the exams are over, and maybe won't call law school 'school' if I decide to go to England after all.

Have I mentioned this? Warwick has some scholarship scheme for international students, and I was all excited until I read the details and found out that a Singaporean gets about 4500 pounds max for his/her first year. The scholarship is also non-renewable. And well, I don't know, I suppose some help is better than none, but who's gonna pay for the remaining (18000-4500) pounds? And what of the next two years?

God money is a bitch. Seriously, if I were rich, I'd get myself the Peugeot 307cc, like, now. It's such a fabulous, beautiful and European car! And it's a CONVERTIBLE! I love convertibles, although if I ever had one nobody would be able to tell the difference; the weather here is so horrible that it'd be stupid for anyone to drive with the top down in the middle of the afternoon. Night time, on the other hand, is a different story altogether.

I cannot stand two-seater sports cars though. Sure they're sexy and sleek and everything but without the top down, they're also extremely claustrophobic. I'd feel like I were stuck in a sardine can or something.

Also, as if I don't already hate the idea of exams, they happen to be the sole cause of making me miss out on this year's film festival. NOT ONLY THAT, assuming I stay in law school, I will be missing out on the film fest every single year. Screw that, man. The only up side is that there aren't any films that I just had to watch, or else, this year.

Last year was fun. Was it last year? I think it was, when Mel, Khai and I went to catch When Beckham Met Owen (or was it When Owen Met Beckham? Well, yeah), about two boys from Hong Kong and some homosexual undertones, and we had so much fun. Those were the days, truly and undoubtedly.

Being away from people sucks.

My inarticulate entries suck even more.

I love Veronica Mars with all my heart and soul. I can't wait for Wednesday when I can get the new episode. Three more episodes to the end of Season 2. I hope like hell that it won't spell the end of the series too.

With shows like VM, who actually needs a life?

Tags: friends, law school, movies, veronica mars

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