anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

how. bloody. ridiculous.

I have to say, I really hate the 'reasonable man' test. It's acceptable in Torts cases, but when it's being applied to criminal cases that involve more than the parting of money and go into offences that deal with the fucking mandatory death sentence, which in itself is ridiculous, it becomes really, really absurd. Besides, who the hell is the reasonable man? Does such a moron even exist? If not, why are normal people held to the standard of an imaginary person? Whatever happened to "the law should not require the impossible"?

Yes, I'm irritated. It doesn't help that I spent the early hours of this morning trying to make myself care about bloody TRAFFIC OFFENCES; now I'm trying to make myself continue to try to study for Saturday's paper and not burn all my notes and textbook in defiance of the robotic machine that is the "justice" system.

I mean, seriously. Why am I reading about a balance of fucking probabilities? I thought the right phrase to use was 'prove beyond a reasonable doubt' or something like that? First it was criminal negligence, which is really stupid, and now it's the decline of mens rea in Singapore. Oh, okay, fine. Why don't you just convict everyone then. Why even bother conducting a trial? We all know what the outcome will be.

Please tell me what the point is because I sure as hell can't see it. I'm disgusted.


On a happier note, you cannot imagine how relieved I was when I saw the torrent for the complete Veronica Mars episode at 1 this afternoon. Wahoo. But of course, the download speed is almost non-existent so boo to that.

I went to bed at 4.22 a.m. this morning and found myself getting up to pee at 5.30 in the morning. My biological clock is all screwed up. I have no idea how I'm gonna wake up at 8 a.m. this Saturday for the 9 a.m. paper.

I am going to fail Contract. Without a doubt.
Tags: law school, veronica mars

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