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Veronica Mars 2-20: Look Who's Stalking

(As usual, this entry contains spoilers)

(And um, it's all about Veronica Mars. So don't read it.)

So um. Wow.

LoVe is so doomed.

That last scene was so heart-breaking.

First they spark a faint glimmer of hope. Veronica - opening up?! Can it possibly be? We're talking about Veronica the emotional trainwreck here. And what she says is so honest; she opens herself up to Logan the way she used to, way back in Season 1 (oh the LoVe memories). She's reciprocating after freaking out (typically) on Logan's confession the night before, and for a while there, you actually think they'd just GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY.

But NO. You notice, too, that something isn't quite right with Logan and the way he's looking at Veronica. He's scratching his head, he's bewildered, he has no idea what she's talking about. And Veronica finishes what she has to say, and Logan stares at her somemore, confusion and the slow dawning of the realisation that he said something last night shown plainly on his face. Realisation that he's about to hurt her - again. After she overcame so much to come clean with herself, and to him. Veronica notices too; her smile vanishes and a look of horror takes its place.

And then Logan says, "Last night was kind of a blur."

LAST NIGHT WAS KIND OF A BLUR? Oh fuck, Logan. What the HELL is wrong with you?

But that's not all, oh no it's not, because the writers behind the show simply love (no pun intended) to torture the LoVe 'shippers. Logan is dressed in only a pair of drawstring pants (which are dangerously close to falling off his hips altogether - how, very, hot), his hair is tousled, like he's just got up from bed.

And you know, being me, that was what I thought, that he'd just rolled out of bed. But I HAD to be wrong, and Kendall Fucking Casablancas HAD to appear from, like, NOWHERE, snake her skanky arounds around Logan's waist, and rub salt into Veronica's raw, open wounds.

The look on her face. It breaks your heart. And the look on his face - I don't even know how to describe it.

It's so incredibly sad and it's the most evocative, honest Veronica/Logan scene in the entire season. Logan's asshat behaviour further compounds the pain he caused her. It wouldn't be as bad if he'd merely not remembered; but he slept with Kendall (who isn't even Kendall) after confessing that he still has feelings for her. And Veronica's there, in his doorway, vulnerable, her defences down - it's a great leap of faith on her part, because he means enough for her to take that chance. And how is she rewarded?

Not merely disappointment, for to call it that would severely undermine the hurt and pain that Kristen Bell so amazingly portrayed. It cuts right through your heart, especially when you've known Veronica since the beginning and thus understand that it took a lot from her to say all that she said to Logan, to open up the way she did, and to stop running away from the residual feelings she still has for him.

And Logan. I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm just disappointed. Not merely because THEY ARE STILL NOT BACK TOGETHER, but because he's really, really let her down this time.

And when the elevator doors closed on Veronica trying in futility to suppress her tears and cut to the credits, I just couldn't believe it ended. I had no idea that the episode was close to ending. And I want more, dammit. I don't know what to say anymore. I feel so sad for her and so mad at him for what he did that I don't seem to remember that Logan and Veronica are not, strictly speaking, real.

But Logan got it right in his drunken ramble; theirs is an epic love story, one that grandiose people like me dream of having but will never get. And maybe that's why I love those two so much; they allow me to live vicariously through them.

I hate it when I'm emotionally invested in these characters beyond the breaking point. There's no turning back for me. If this show gets cancelled, I will kill myself. Life is meaningless without Veronica Mars.

LoVe is so damn doomed. Sigh.

Apart from that, the rest of the episode was good. I can't believe they didn't have a real senior prom! Veronica looked gorgeous in that black strapless dress she wore to Logan's altera-prom though.

Actually, Kristen Bell is gorgeous, period.

Plot-wise, the plot thickens some more. Are they really gonna resolve everything in TWO EPISODES? I think I will suffer a brain haemorrhage or something after the season finale (in two weeks!), due to the over-processing of information.

But hell, I barely paid close attention to the non-LoVe parts of the episode because I was waiting for them to get back together and to be quite honest, the repercussions from the hotel suite scene has me more on the edge of my seat than Who Caused The Bus Crash?. The season-long mystery is intriguing and everything and I do wnat to know what happened, but oh, Logan/Veronica! If I were in her shoes (and we share more than the same shoes) I'd find it close to impossible to forgive Logan for what he did, no matter how hot he is or how tortured he is and all the stuff that makes him so appealing to me. I'm fearing the worst, I am.

Have I mentioned how sad everything is?

Oh, and Veronica has a sexually-transmitted disease. Hahahaha. I guess Duncan DID sleep with bloody Kendall after all. Gross.

Okay, I'm tired.
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