anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

oh dear.

Um, shit. I just realised that Breach of Contract is in this year's syllabus. Which means I have four topics to superficially glance through in one day before the exam.

Crap. This is really really really bad.

I took ten million years to figure out what 'cost of cure' means. And it's really annoying that I have to try really hard to remember the names of the cases, because Hadley sounds like Haxley which sounds like Baxley which sounds like Ruxley and I'm like, Put me out of my misery. Now.

Oh, when I said 'Baxley' I actually meant 'Baxendale'. I'm sure my point is proved.

Another thing I can't quite figure out: Why is it 'proved' and not 'proven'? For all my life I thought it should be "if it has been proven that the defendant did premeditate the fight, then he cannot qualify for the defence of sudden fight"; when I got to law school, it became, "if it has been proved..." or "if it is proved..." So, I'm confused.

I just watched the latest Gilmore and I hate Luke and I'm annoyed that Logan isn't dead. Lorelai belongs with Chris, Rory with Jess (though sometimes I don't think she deserves him). I don't even understand why Luke and Lorelai are together. Also, I hate the stupid Anna/April storyline. It's so retarded. I hate seeing Lorelai all sad and stuff because it's SAD and I don't like it. Watching this watered-down version of a previously awesome show only makes me feel like buying the DVDs of the first three seasons! And I don't have money for it! And I still want my Buffy DVDs!

Le sigh.

Okay whatever back to Remedies.

(Oh, and before I forget, I just want to say that I don't agree with the decision in that Remedies case involving the swimming pool...wait let me retrieve its, Ruxley v Someone? Okay, checked my notes; Ruxley Electronics Construction something v. Forsyth. DN was talking about it in tutorial and it gave me my inspiration for my 'loss' poem I wrote for the Warwick email interview. Reading the summary of it now reminds me why. If I were the defendant, I would be pissed off too. I mean if I contracted with you scumbag subcontractor to build a 7 ft. 6 inches deep swimming pool and you give me a freaking 6 ft deep one, it's a bloody breach of contract and I would expect a court of law to agree with me. I mean what if I were an Olympic diver or something? But oh well, what do I know, I'm just a lousy Year 1 law student who doesn't even know what the Contract topics are about until now. Don't mind me.)
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