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Veronica Mars, You Should See What People Are Doing To Save Your Ass.

I've given up on Contract ten trillion years ago. But more importantly, I couldn't stay away from a Veronica Mars forum and read with increasing interest and warmth about the fans' crazy ideas to save the show from impending cancellation.</p>

And I thought the stupid stuff I did when Jay Chou came to Singapore for Initial D's premiere last year was crazy.

They're making a banner.

Not only that - they're hiring a plane - A FUCKING PLANE! - to fly the banner across the skies on May 9.


And they're tossing around an idea to buy lots of season 1 DVDs to distribute to the members of the public as part of a flash mob thing (what's that), also on May 9.

The DVD thing isn't as crazy as the plane, but it's still crazy. Oh my god.

A plane people, a plane.

Reading those ideas and posts made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I was almost moved to tears. It's crazy, I know. But I am even crazier about the show, and so I've been creating new gmail addresses in order to vote for VM for E! Online's "Save One Show" campaign. I even logged in to my mom's Yahoo! account to vote! (I know her password, because she told me. A long time ago. Haha.)

And here's where I sound my heartfelt plea to my dear friends out there who want to show how much I mean to them: Send an email with "Veronica Mars" in the subject line to It has to be "Veronica Mars" exactly or else your vote won't count.

Please do it. Please please please please please please please! You can hold this over me for the rest of my natural life to blackmail me into doing things for you. I'm serious - if Veronica doesn't go to college (i.e. if the show doesn't live to see a season 3, and it's two episodes away from the end of season 2), I WILL DIE. I WILL DIE, AND I WILL NEVER BE RESURRECTED. I cannot stress enough how I can't survive without this show, so please do it!

Okay, to be fair, the choices for that campaign are: Veronica, One Tree Hill, Supernatural (I think), What About Brian (some crappy new show with that 7th Heaven dude Barry Watson which means it must suck), and I can't remember the last one Everwood. But obviously your choice is Veronica Mars because you love me! Right?

Thank you very much.

Hmm, I think I should study for Contract. Or at least try.

When I get home tomorrow I'm gonna create more gmail accounts and send more votes. Bwahahahaha.

(P.S. VM won the poll last year. Wouldn't it be awesome for VM to win twice in a row? I think it'd be too!)

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