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bored out of my freaking skull.

Stole this from Yuch. He demanded everyone that read it did it, so here goes.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don�t you dare dig for that �cool� or �intellectual� book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

..."They're warm, they're comfortable, they probably didn't smell much worse than the couple on top of them..."

"Stop, stop," Ann interrupted firmly, "enough."

Graham chuckled, and turned back to his book.

From Julian Barnes' Before She Met Me. I've read about 75% of his body of work and this book isn't one of his best - not even by far. Still, it's JB which means I like it by default and I'm almost done with it! Awesome.

Anyway, I went to Coffee Club Holland V with Mag after our LCS discussion. We had two cakes between us and it was fattening as well, and I ordered their iced coffee and drank it with milk and it was fucking potent. But it was potent in the sense that it made me feel like puking; it didn't do much to wake me up. Caffeine doesn't really work nowadays. But I still need my daily caffeine fix or I'd feel like something is wrong.

Our LCS discussion was, uh, interesting. I still hate LCS with all my heart and soul; it's utterly pointless and I'd never go into Corporate Law so therein lies my indifference. 'Splains lots, doesn't it?

The latest Veronica Mars d/led today and I watched it a couple of hours back and I have to say it was a pretty sub-standard episode, but I kinda liked it anyway. I hated the LoVe scenes but the main storyline was quite interesting.

LoVe ain't doing much for me anymore. It's really sad, I think, the way they're ruining the relationship. Their drama is so contrived and forced and ridiculous. I wish their relationship were more organic, realistic, real. It used to be so, but Season 3 really killed them for me.

You know, one wonderful thing about keeping diaries and blogging is that you can go back to those entries and remind yourself of who you are when you're feeling all out of sorts and, I don't know, in need of a compass. But then again, writing has always been salvation for me. I need to shit out some vague sort of a short story for this writing contest that'd take place in May. Not that I'd ever win anything, but it's an excuse to write and neglect my law stuff.

Then again, not that I'd ever need or look for an excuse to neglect my law stuff. The very fact that it's law means that it'd be neglected by default. The rule and not the exception.

Wrong course wrong course wrong course. Should've gone to England lah. But hey, whatever. Life goes on and shit like that.

I really like LCL's lectures better than TLA's. I guess I like fluff over substance. Bwahaha. Not that LCL doesn't have substance, because he does. It's just that you need to dig a bit to unearth it. But I think the main reason I found him so interesting was because his view is rather...I don't know, different. Unorthodox in an orthodox sort of way. You're so used to hearing anti-government spiel that when someone isn't speaking against the government, you'd tend to sit up and take notice and consider things from his point of view, so that your own can be strengthened.

Sadly, I've decided not to go for his 2 p.m. class anymore. Like, I won't even ask my tutor if he minds. I just don't want to. Besides, I have some driving lessons scheduled during his class time and I just realised that now to May isn't a lot of time and I haven't driven in almost two months so it's about time I settled that driving thing. And my exchange application got a flat-out rejection which means I'd get to drive to school next academic year so I really need that licence as soon as possible.

I should stick to the decisions I make, eh? Yeah, I think so too.

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