anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

so i'm just breathing

Just came home from a bad dinner at a restaurant with live seafood. I hate those restaurants. I would so rather go to Pasta Fresca and...well, you know. =)

He is still on my mind. Bloody, freaking hell.

I went for this Chinese O Levels seminar thing. The guy who spoke was the same guy who went to my school and talked to my class about the oral aspect last year. He's quite funny. Said a lot of funny things which I can't reproduce here, because you have to know Chinese to get them, and I suppose I could translate, but I'm too lazy. Came home to find a letter from Australia waiting for me. That got me quite excited.

I'm thinking I should give up my Science, but I don't know. And there is this poetry award that I want to join, but I don't know which poem to submit. Can I have some help here please? Click on "work" and advise (sp) me on which piece-of-shit I should send. I don't think there's a theme, 'cause it wasn't mentioned in the papers. The dateline is March 20, and I really wanna join. I'd love you forever if you'd give me some advice, okay?

I got a great review from Pretty on the Inside. I'm going to take their advice and dedicate an entire entry to why I rock and rule the world, but not right now. I'm not really in the mood. On the car just now I sang a bunch of Backstreet Boys songs to entertain myself. I was a real BSB freak then, and not surprisingly so, I can remember all the songs from their first two albums. I still quite like them though. They ain't too bad. At least they can sing, ya know?

I wanna go to Pasta Fresca. I am so completely smitten by him, it's not funny. It's been 3 weeks, and he's still on my mind. I gave myself a week to forget him, and I usually forget the random guys I see around and go "damn, he's hot" in a couple of days, but it's been three weeks! He's not Chinese though. Neither is he Indian nor Malay. I think. He looks kinda Eurasian-ish. But you know, I couldn't care less. Does race even matter? Of course not.

I just don't get why is it that guys never notice me...okay, that's not true, but he didn't! Except when he spilled water on my mom! Insert sigh here, I'd shut up now. I can't stand to read such inane crap from myself.

This entry was bad.

Tags: backstreet boys, crushes, first boyfriend, o levels, school, secondary school

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