anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

a tale of utter inconvenience.

I'm so happy right now. I'm listening to my new Stereophonics Live in Dakota CD which I got from HMV yesterday for $14.95, OMG, and it's awesome. I wish they'd done more songs from their Language. Violence. Sex. Other? album but it's good to listen to their older songs - which I don't like quite as much as the Language album, because they're rather poppy. I don't like poppy things.

Totally love Dakota, still, after so long.

Anyway, today started off a major pain in the ass. I woke up at my usual time of 11, washed my hair, and happily settled on the couch and listened to my CD and read a book, waiting for my mom to come home from her meeting and, you know, fix me lunch and then send me to school, 'cause I'm like, totally spoilt like that. I waited and waited, and it was about fifteen minutes to one and she was still not home. So I called her and guess what? She was still in her meeting. And it wasn't going to be done anytime soon.

How inconvenient. Nevertheless, I changed real quick and got out of the house real quick, hence forgetting my phone, and deliberated between walking to the Rail Mall from my house and taking a bus there. The Rail Mall is where I take the bus to school, and it's also where I can get food. The thing is, 173 used to stop directly there before fucking SMRT changed its fucking route, hence inconveniencing (not a word? Don't care) all Hillviewers who don't drive and don't have time to spend fifteen fucking minutes walking to the fucking Rail Mall when said Hillviewers have a Trusts and Equities lecture at 2 p.m.

So yeah, I hereby blame 173 for the severe inconvenience I had to suffer. Because I thought that the other four buses would stop at the bus stop opposite the St Francis Methodist church, which is a good place to stop 'cause I could just cross over to the other side via the overhead bridge and walk down a bit to the Rail Mall which would take me, like, a couple of minutes. But not only did the non-173 buses take FOREVER to arrive, 173 arrived first. When I want 173 to arrive, it never does, and when I don't care for it, it chooses to pull up at the bus stop and piss me off because I can't bloody take it. Awesome, right? Yeah. I think so too.

What made things worse was the fact that 176 doesn't stop at the St Francis bus stop. It went past the bus stop, hence making my jaw drop in horror, then stopped at some Dairy Farm bus stop. FUCK. I had to walk all the way back.

Okay, so it wasn't very far, but it was completely unnecessary and extraneous and INCONVENIENT and STUPID STUPID 173 and its changed bus route was the root of all my trouble and inconvenience. Have I mentioned how inconvenient it was? Because it was. Like I haven't driven that point home enough.

Ugh. Piece of shit. And of course, being Singapore, the sky started getting dark. I chose to wear a short skirt and a tank top and to tie my hair up 'cause I was afraid it'd be hot before I left the house, which explains why I didn't think of carrying an umbrella with me. But of course it started raining when I was done with lunch and was trying to decide whether or not to buy an umbrella from Cold Storage just in case I got stuck at the bus stop opposite the faculty or whatever. I was this close to giving in to my temptation of not going to school altogether, but I decided to be a good girl and uh, go to school.

Toss-up between cabbing and bussing. The rain convinced me to cab. And I cabbed, and halfway into the journey, the fucking rain stopped. OH MY GOD. I wanted to kill something, I really did. That was bloody $7.30 wasted, dammit, and I had to rush to the POSB ATM in school to withdraw money to pay the cabbie because I only had $5.80 on me, AND THE STUPID ATM COULDN'T GIVE OUT TENNERS AND SO I HAD TO WITHDRAW FIFTY.

I wanted to kill something even more. In less than two weeks my bank account balance went from 700 to 500-something - and I didn't even bloody shop. Ugh, absolutely unbelievable. I don't even know what the hell I spent on.

So yeah, that's my shit-arsed start of the day. How annoying. And I tuned out of Trusts lecture after, like, two minutes and spent the rest of the time blog-surfing. Like, HOW BAD IS THAT OMG.

On the bright side, no Trusts lecture until after mid-sem break!


Uh, so, yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing and this semester is already shot to hell and I'm not exactly doing anything to rescue it which I suppose is bad but I just yawned and everything so whatever.


Read a couple of pages of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses. OH MY GOD. IT'S BLOODY WELL-WRITTEN. So much so that I'm this close to falling at his feet and worshipping his immense talent.

But my favourite writer is Julian Barnes, now and forever. I'm loyal to the people I admire. Um, yeah, that is. Uh. Pretty non-sensical. But yes. All the same.

I'm going to sleep for a while. I'm damn sleepy.

Dakota is on, oh my god. Have I mentioned how much I love this song? Because I do. Very much.

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