anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

a major shock.

I'm super bored right now (obviously I'm not doing any of my readings) and I'm going through my 2002 entries and I came across something that made me go, "Huh?" out loud.

I wrote, and I quote, "...and the NUS guy basically focused on stupid shit like engineering and business and, of course, the sciences, and addressed his attention to Law for like, five minutes. I'm actually interested in doing Law, for chrissake."

Yeah bloody right, 16-year-old Self a.k.a Biggest Moron Ever. Considering the kind of nonexistent grades I was getting - talk about severe overreaching. How hilarious. I just wanna laugh my ass off, especially in light of my current situation and how I'm convinced that Law is the biggest mistake of my life.

On a different note, my relationship woes back then are rather amusing to me now. It keeps me entertained and I'm really bored so all's good...well, except the part where it makes me cringe in embarrassment but I think if you've never done or said or written anything embarrassing in your life, you haven't really lived, so I'll just take the good with the bad. Awesome, right? I think so too.


I saw something horrifying in a Straits Times article: "The verdict is out."

It was the first sentence of some article on the front page of the Home section. I don't even know where to begin expressing my utter horror, shock and disgust at the absolutely embarrassing and shameful sub-quality (and that's putting it very politely) writing with which the Straits Times constantly blow my mind. You'd think that the biggest newspaper of the bloody country would have better writers AND editors than that, but no.

Since when's a verdict "out"? The verdict is in. The fucking jury is out. Ugh, how do these people get their jobs? I swear, I can do a much better job writing AND editing than those half-arsed monkeys. Every single time I glance at our sorry excuse for a newspaper, I'm more convinced that just looking at it is a waste of my time and that it leads to a massive deterioration of my IQ. Actually, simply acknowledging its existence has the same effect.

One thing I dislike about Pub Law? I'm forced to read ST articles. And it's completely excruciating. I'm so tempted and inclined to re-write the articles because the writing is so atrocious and bland and, well, simply put, fucking shitty. I repeat the question I posed a paragraph back: HOW DO THESE PEOPLE GET THEIR JOBS?

This country will never cease to amaze me - for all the wrong reasons.

PS. I'm 99% sure about the 'verdict is in' thing. On the 1%, off-chance that I'm wrong, feel free to correct me and call me an idiot. Regardless, my feelings towards the Straits Times still stand, and they will remain so until the day that I die.

Tags: law school, stupid people

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