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There was something quite liberating - albeit admittedly in a farcical, sheltered-tourist sort of way - about eating a 60-baht plate of pad thai on a plastic chair along the road, with cars and vans and motorcycles constantly zooming by, the surroundings illuminated by the city lights, including headlights from vehicles just next to you. What I regretted not doing when I visited Bangkok in December 2006 was to sample the city's famous street food, and I declared to anyone who cared to listen (in this case, my mom) that I was going to eat by the roadside this time round and nobody was going to stop me.

As much as I am quite aware of how making a point to partake in this activity is touristy in itself, I must say that I don't really care because for once, I was by myself - which meant that I could do whatever I wanted without feeling guilty (in whole or in part) about dragging someone else to do what I wanted when it wasn't what the other person wanted to do. Besides, I may enjoy luxury once in a while, but the idea of eating in restaurants and paying at least twice for what I can get on the streets in a city like Bangkok is just rather off-putting, to say the least. It's not just about the price, though; it's about the experience, and it's the principle of things. There is something about 'clean' restaurants in a gritty city that mostly cater to ang moh tourists that rub me the wrong way. More importantly, again, it's about the experience, dabbling in 'living like a local', absurd as it sounds when you consider that I'm typing this from my amazing four-star hotel room, makes for a more interesting trip than, well, not.

The pad thai was really good. I was also sweating through my meal. Bangkok is hotter than Singapore and I'm sure it's not just my imagination; the air here doesn't seem to move at all. I'd just washed my hair (after swimming) before I headed out for dinner and I was horrified by the amount of sweat that I produced. I'm going to shower after this before watching the Nadal/Djokovic French Open QF (rooting for Djokovic).

I was really hungry when I arrived in the afternoon and I didn't want a substantial meal, so I went to Central Embassy and had this:

Fucking hell, it was amazingly delicious. I'm dragging my mom there when she gets here so that I can eat it again!

I'm here for a conference but honestly, my interest in it is peripheral at best. It's interesting though; it's something about the rule of law in ASEAN. Yay! I hope it's intellectually engaging.

In a hurry to watch the tennis, so that's all for now.
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