anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

this entry is dedicated to why i rock

Why I Totally Rock and Rule the World

1. I finished my enlargement (Maths) homework. All by myself.
2. I write poetry. I write GOOD poetry (well, sometimes, anyway).
3. I can write better than any of my friends.
4. I buy tissue from the old woman at the bus interchange, and whoever, if I have money with me.
5. I listen to silverchair.
6. I'm not ugly.
7. I'm mature (do I type the 'd' behind?) for my age.
8. I seem to know "Julius Caesar" and "To Kill A Mockingbird" better than many people. The boards at sparknotes prove it.
9. My short-term memory rocks.
10. I look good in tank tops.
11. I also look good in capri pants.
12. I have my own mind.
13. I have my own taste.
14. I'm an individual.
15. I wrote a brilliant letter to George W. Bush.
16. I'm 3/4 vegetarian.
17. I'm not like my friends.
18. At least I have the audacity to admit to having cheated on an A test.
19. I received most of my grades fair and square.
20. I refuse to succumb to peer pressure anymore.
21. I stick to my beliefs, but not too rigidly.
22. Claire A. is my friend.
23. Cheryl T. is my friend.
24. I write good. Very good. I mean, I don't get A1s for English assignments for nothing.
25. Very often, I turn heads, and it makes me feel good. I don't care how superficial it sounds.
26. I value integrity. Okay, I'm starting to value it.
27. I love myself.

To those who has left me notes over the past few days: Thank you. So much. I'm sorry I haven't replied (I do that a lot), but I have read them, and appreciated them, so...keep leaving me notes! =) I'll get back to you one day.

So I'll admit this: I wasn't in the best of moods at around lunch. I found myself shedding tears for no reason. But whatever. School isn't gonna get to me anymore. When I get my end of term report the next term, it's not going to reflect any F9's. No sir, it ain't. I rule the world, and that's that.

I have been studying too. I made notes for the second chapter of my Physics syllabus (Velocity, Speed and Acceleration - it's total crap). I finished my Maths homework. I did 3 differentiation questions. I also finished my English essay. Granted, I don't want to go to school tomorrow for 3 hours of Chemistry, but some things never change.

I wrote 4 poems all at once. I do that a lot. I'd not write anything for a few days, and when the mood calls for writing, I'd write a bunch all at once. But I like that. Writing makes me feel good. Especially after writing a really good poem, and um, yeah, I'm going to watch TV now.

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