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i have regained my mojo.

Retail therapy is awesome, even when you're all tired and groggy from sleeping a mere five hours the night before. I went to town immediately Public Law with the intention of getting my Chinese New Year clothes stuff done so that I wouldn't have to keep going to town just to leave it empty-handed, and lo and behold! I bought clothes! And a new pair of shoes, on top of the three new pairs I bought on, like, Tuesday. Bwahahaha.</p>

Finally found a decent dress at a price that rubs me the right way at Far East Plaza, which I only went to 'cause I was bored and had nowhere else to go. I should go there more often, especially when I need new shoes. Ten seconds after I bought a pair of shoes, I walked into another shop and was super tempted to buy another pair. Luckily my good sense kicked in and rescued me from pushing my pathetic bank account balance into yet another deficit.

I realise today that I don't spend impulsively anymore. In the past, i.e. post-A Levels when I had some jobs here and there and therefore was earning money, if I saw something, tried it on, and liked what I saw in the mirror, I'd buy it, no questions asked. Of course, the internal check here is that I'd check the price of the item first before trying it on, but all the same, I would've spent $30 on a plain yellow Mango polo tee that really wasn't anything special, whose appeal was solely in that it looked decent. Just decent. Yes, I wanted to buy it and only decided against it when the dude told me it was the last piece (I'm morally against buying display items), but I went to another Mango - a bigger one - and saw the top again but miraculously decided against buying it. Why? Because it's not worth $30 lor.

The conclusion to be reached is either: 1) I actually have this thing called good sense; or 2) I'm really fucking poor, such that I can't even afford a bloody $30 polo tee. Bloody hell.

Sigh. I need a rich boyfriend.


I totally loved this week's Veronica Mars. The scene at the end with Bonnie and her dad really touched me.

Bored now so I'm going to do this.

Blast from the Past

1 MINUTE AGO: Thinking about Veronica Mars
1 HOUR AGO: Watching Veronica Mars
1 DAY AGO: Hmm. What happened yesterday? Had lunch with Mag at Mac's (hahaha) where we were both sufficiently entertained by the royal Princess herself, where I also found out that my cousin is friends with Twis' girlfriend. (Side note: Twwwiiiissss! HAHAHA.)
1 WEEK AGO: LCS meeting after Public Law lecture, then Coffee Club with Mag.
1 YEAR AGO: I didn't update on Feb 9 last year. Ah, but on Feb 10, I wrote that I caught Walk the Line with Pei "yesterday" so yes, I watched Walk the Line.
1 YEAR FROM NOW: Semester 2 of Year 3 of my neverending, torturous time in law school.
1 WEEK FROM NOW: Who knows? Nothing is certain. Okay, it'd be a Friday and I'd go to school and I'd probably start freaking out over how I still haven't even read the question for the Public Law assignment and hopefully I'd get started on it then. Uh, hopefully before Friday, but then again, when I hope, everything crashes down on me so I shouldn't hope at all.
1 DAY FROM NOW: Meeting Simon! Yay.
1 HOUR FROM NOW: Uh. Gonna watch Veronica with my brother.
1 MINUTE FROM NOW: Press 'done!'.
I HURT: No more.
I LOVE: Myself better than you, still.
I HATE: Nothing.
I FEAR: Screwing up.
I HOPE: For world peace!11!11!!!oneone!one!noe!1eno!
I FEEL: Extremely, indescribably, incredibly tired.
I HIDE: I don't.
I DRIVE: In my dreams.
I MISS: The way things used to be.
I NEED: Peace.


So my brother did pretty okay for the O Levels and my mom was all, "And to think I was worried he might have to go Poly!" And I was like, "Uh, I never once thought he'd not qualify for JC."

Because yeah how can my brother possibly be stupid? Seriously. I was hoping he'd do better but like I said, when I hope, everything turns to shit, so...oh my god, I JINXED IT FOR HIM! I'm horrible. I was just thinking this morning that I hope he'd do better than me. I'M SUCH A JINX.

Okay, I'm not making any sense. I'm addicted to Ovaltine. Is it fattening? My tummy's been ballooning and when I finally had time to swim, I got my period. How awesome.

Rui's started calling Tris 'Twwwiiissss'. It's so funny. Twis! Hahahahaha. He's a riot.

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