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meta-high school drama.

A thought occurred to me while I was watching Gossip Girl. It may seem belated, I might be accused of being slow, but let me just say that I didn't fully realise it until...well, this afternoon, while watching the Gossip Girl pilot and having my brain churn around random thoughts unrelated to the show in the background, as it is always disposed to do.

It occurred to me how truly like a typical American high school that you see portrayed on TV and in movies law school is. Because I was watching the Gossip Girl pilot and halfway through it transpired that B's best friend S slept with B's boyfriend N, which was witnessed by N's best friend C. I wouldn't be surprised if the next episode is about the whole school knowing about how B's best friend S slept with B's boyfriend N, all thanks to N's best friend C who spread the news out of spite.

Something happens and everyone knows about it, even if that something happened to someone whom you don't know personally. Even if that something happened to someone whom you didn't know at all existed prior to getting wind of the news of that something happening to that someone. Simple relationships, acquaintances, get rather complicated, if not simply uncomfortable and awkward, when you are X's close friend and you see X's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend who is your best friend's good friend who almost became your friend sometime back around school. I suppose you're not too against saying hi, but X's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend who is your best friend's good friend who almost became your friend sees you and is reminded of the fact that your friend X is now her ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend and the discomfort is written all over her face. So you don't say anything, just walk past each other as if you've never spoken to each other before, even though you had absolutely nothing to do with all that rubbish drama.

And then there are people whom you didn't know existed until you heard of their drama. These people will always be known to you as "that person who was unfortunate to have Event Y happened to them", or "that person who dated Person A and got dumped", or "that person who was bitchy enough to come between Guy W and Girl Z". And I think it's possible that these labels never go away no matter even if you get to know them as a person beyond their labels.

Sad, isn't it? It's quite okay to be known as X's friend or Y's senior's friend or the girl that Z's senior's friend likes or whatever. But the negative shit? It's just not nice. At all. Especially when people start gossiping like they inevitably will and start coming up with their versions of what they think happened and distorting the truth.

And when the person who was the subject of such gossip gets wind of the content of the gossip, as well as the creative individuals who came up with it, it gets the more difficult to see certain people around school without wanting to yell at them really, really loudly.

Moral of the story?

Don't come to law school.

If you absolutely have to, always keep a low profile.

But because it's law school, there's no such thing as a low profile. People will know who you are and what happened to you. It's just the way it is.

This is exactly why I don't like talking about other people, or hearing about their drama, why X broke up with Y, all that crap. Because I don't like people talking about me. And I really don't want to know who got together with whom or how A cheated on B with C and now B and C are together, poor A but oh A got together with D so maybe not...WHATEVER. I don't care. I'll be content trucking on without knowledge of the drama that's going on in other people's lives, 'cause I've got enough drama in my own to last me an entire lifetime.


On a different but related note, Gossip Girl is soooo my new guilty pleasure. Mindless teen drama with good-looking people and KRISTEN BELL's voice-over. Awesome. And Carrie Bishop/Forgot actress's name from 2 Season 1 episodes of Veronica Mars plays Blair. I've always thought she's gorgeous. And she's the same age as me. OMG.

Also, I just went swimming and I'm DAMN TIRED.

I'm also not going on MSN tonight. An hour on MSN is a minute in real life - times flies so quickly, just like that. I enjoy talking to my friends and everything but I've got Personal Property to prepare for. So - No MSN Tonight. No no no. NO.


I've decided: From now on, I'm gonna date nothing but hot guys. I really don't care about things like character and stability and niceness and whatever. If the guy isn't hot, forget the fuck about it. There's no point in wasting my time on a guy who doesn't even look good next to me!

Needless to say, this automatically excludes guys who are short or shorter than me, guys with bad skin, guys with excess fats, and guys who can't speak English or is regularly disposed to sprouting Singlish and other assorted local slang. Hotness is more than looks. Looks is necessary, but it's not sufficient. Hotness is an entire package: Looks and charisma and confidence, the way he carries himself with just the right touch of "too cool for you" nonchalance, a dash of arrogance, some degree of smoothness, and good English. This precludes smarminess (ew), social awkwardness, try-too-hard desperation, spoken English that reminds me too much of HDB dwellers (yes, I'm a snob, lynch me now, whatever).

In short, to simplify it even further, I want a trophy boyfriend. A hot guy with a car and lots of money and credit cards who doesn't have to be particularly intelligent, but simply with the ability to sound intelligent, who is as materialistic and hedonistic as me, who doesn't have ten million ex-girlfriend baggages bringing him down, who isn't warped and weird. Fuck love and whatever else; I'm not getting any younger, when am I gonna have fun if not now, because fuck love and whatever else.

I've always been extremely shallow. What's love got to do with anything? Looks has everything to do with it.


Okay, I'm probably just sprouting nonsense. Still damn tired from the swim, but I think I should resume on my embarking to reading Official Assignee of Madras v Bank of India. I ate a lot of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream. I really love Ben and Jerry's ice-cream.

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