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shopping spree! no money now.

I went shopping at Vivo City for four whole hours and I bought a number of things and I spent a lot of money.

I spent a hundred bucks at La Senza, all thanks to their stupid 3 for $60 bra/top/pants promotion and 5 for $40 cotton panties promotion. Fuck. And the salesgirl convinced me to buy their membership card which did even things out because I ended up paying $100 for 3 bras, 5 panties, AND a membership card plus some discount coupons. Not too bad.

Except the part where I spent A HUNDRED BUCKS ON LINGERIE WHAT THE F.

And I also bought a pair of shorts from Mango, a t-shirt from Forever 21, and...oh, a white cardigan from Mango. And a black-and-white flowery prints-y dress from that super cheap department store on the second floor.


Shopping is so. amazing. I'm now back to having close to no money in my bank account but I've new clothes!...that will become old after two weeks, but hey, I've new clothes!

I didn't manage to buy any pretty tops though, because I SPENT A HUNDRED BUCKS ON LINGERIE WHAT THE...

I reached Vivo at 1.20 and left at 5.15 and didn't sit down for even a second throughout the entire duration. What brilliant exercise. I love myself. And uh, what else did I want to say? I ate a donut. But that wasn't what I wanted to say. I can't remember what I wanted to say. Oh yes, this is why I like shopping by myself: It becomes a 4-hour marathon. And I could've gone on if there were more acceptable shops to look at in Vivo, but honestly, after the first level has been exhausted, the second level is purely visited out of desperation.

I spent forever looking for a cardigan 'cause I thought it was time I got one and in the end I went back to Mango and found...several. I've discovered that it's a major pain in the ass to shop for something specific; changes are, you're not going to find it, so the entire enterprise becomes extremely frustrating. Shopping shouldn't be frustrating! Shopping shouldn't be stressful! The whole point of shopping today was to reward myself for holing up in school and at home throughout the entire so-called mid-semester break, slogging over my crap-ass Rational Social Choice paper. Is it just me or does that totally spell, "Dude, you need a shopping spree!"? Because, you know, I think it does. Like, totally.

But of course, as I walked towards the bus interchange to go home, I started feeling the pinch of my purchases. I think I spent a little over $200 in total today which means...argh. No money. So broke. How how how? Need rich boyfriend NOW.

At the Harbourfront MRT station some Prudential guy approached me and I think he wanted to sell me insurance or some shit. I say "I think" because he never got round to trying to sell me insurance. The conversation went something like this:

Prudential Guy:'re not a student right?
Me (thinking, Shit, why did I slow down? He's not even that cute): Uh, I am.
Prudential Guy: Oh! Where are you studying?
Me: NUS.
Prudential Guy: Oh NUS. You look like a student but I thought you weren't a student because...[gestured to the shopping bags I had on my arm] students don't shop this much.
Me: Oh, no, students shop. We need to shop. Are you trying to sell me some savings plan or something? Because I have no money.
Prudential Guy: You have no money? Spent it all on shopping is it?
Me: [shrugs] Yeah, kind of. I'm really sad because I just spent a lot of money and now I have no money.
Prudential Guy: [laughs] So um, what faculty are you in?
Me: Law.
Prudential Guy: Oh, law...your parents gave you money to shop is it?
Me: [shrugs again] Not really. My bank know.
Prudential Guy: I see. Are you pure Chinese?
Me: [thinking, uh...what?] Yeah, I'm pure Chinese.
Prudential Guy: Because you don't look pure Chinese. You look quite mixed.
Me: I get that a lot. I don't know why people say that because I'm pure Chinese.
Prudential Guy: Maybe it's because you're in law and the way you speak and everything.
Me: [thinking, I've been getting that since JC; and thinking, aiyah say this for what, I wanna go home] No lah, I'm very Singlish one.
Prudential Guy: Yeah that sounds very Singlish.
Me: So what are you selling?
Prudential Guy: [blah blah blah] We're from Prudential...we're selling a service...[said something about not leaving customers alone after getting them to sign up, hence selling a service]
Me: Haha, yeah, that's true. Yeah, that's really good.
Prudential Guy: So you're going home now?
Me: Yup, I am.
Prudential Guy: Okay, bye then.
Me: Bye.

Moral of the story: Before anyone attempts to bore you with the details of a savings/insurance/whatever plan that you obviously cannot afford and therefore have zero interest in, declare straight away that you have no money. It worked for me before somewhere near West Mall, but sad to say, the guy went on to hit on me. So. Annoying. Need to stop getting hit on by insurance guys.

I prepared quite thoroughly for this morning's Personal Property seminar. I read his powerpoint slides, I read two cases out of four, and I read the section in the Factors Act that defined what a document of title (I think) is. I did everything required of me except read the two remaining cases and do my tutorial questions. Even so, I found that I knew the answers to Tey's questions in class. For instance, he went on about how when you transfer a bill of lading to another consignee (I think; all these terms just fly over my head half the time) you transfer constructive possession, etc. Then he asked, What do you transfer when you transfer a bill of lading?

Daniel went, "Uh, constructive possession?"

He went, "What else?"

Immediately the first thing that popped into my head was, "The legal rights and obligations under the [whatever; can't remember the precise term]." But I didn't say anything because I don't talk in class, until someone else said about ownership, and Tey was like, "What do you incur when you ship something?" (Or something along those lines.)

Obviously the answer was 'risks'. Obviously I didn't say anything because I don't talk in class.

Then he went on to APL Co Ltd v Voss Peter which I actually did read for once and he asked how the court justified its holding that you need delivery of the bill of lading in a straight bill context OR WHATEVER, which was a huge departure from common law norms, and I was staring at my notes which I hand-wrote the night before and the answer was staring right at me. Simple to apply. Parties to the contract don't have to figure out what kind of bill it is. Yadayada.

And obviously I didn't say anything 'cause I don't talk in class.

Wah lau. What is wrong with me? Why do I keep my mouth shut when I know the bloody answer? TEN PERCENT CLASS PARTICIPATION HELLO?!! I could kill myself.

He said some funny stuff in class about how it's embarrassing for a House of Lord judge to be singled out for criticism by a textbook writer or whatever. I should take down his random quoteable quotes 'cause they're quite funny.

Having no laptop in Personal Property seminars is damn good. Preparing for class is even better. I've never understood him more than I understood him in class today, and I only half-understood, so imagine how much I "understood" prior to today.

Lessons learnt: 1. No laptop; and 2. Must prepare for class.

ANTM is starting in 5 minutes. Yay! Excitingness.

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