anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Is The Guardian Staffed By Clowns?

I just read an article in The Guardian that gives away a major plot twist in Harper Lee's sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird in its headline. This article is on its homepage.

Who the bloody hell does this? Who the hell thought it was a good idea to do this? What is wrong with this newspaper?

I've also been really irritated by the many, many, many grammar, punctuation and spelling errors that I see in Guardian articles. Do the writers get a bonus for posting news articles within seconds of a breaking story or something? How difficult is it to proofread an article before it goes online? In yesterday's article about the Federer/Murray semi-final, the writer made the unforgivably sloppy mistake of saying that Murray played Federer in the 2015 Australian Open final when he actually played (and lost to) Djokovic. How can such mistakes be made?

It could be because I read the New York Times less often, but I don't remember ever seeing such basic editorial mistakes; and they usually publish an actual correction to factual errors. For The Guardian, it seems like the web people simply click on the 'edit' button to correct factual errors without bothering to publish the correction.

I am getting increasingly unimpressed. I guess there's a reason why The Guardian is free but the New York Times is not.


I'm going to Yangon in two weeks. I'm so excited!

Raquel just said that she's going to be in Bali in September. I am most likely going to join her. I am so excited!
Tags: rant, travel

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