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Happy birthday to me!

It's my birthday! I turn a ripe old age of 29! Yay!

I remember how I used to get incredibly angsty and borderline depressed around and on my birthday during my teenage years. I was probably insecure and thinking that nobody outside of my family and a handful of friends gave a shit about my birthday, and it upset me how the world didn't go out of its way to make it special for me. Needless to say, I find my behaviour unspeakably stupid now. These days, I face my birthdays with an enervated resignation and a mild sense of dread, and I hope to hell that people didn't make a big deal out of it.

I really hate that we all have to age. If there were one impossible thing that I want, it would be to remain 20-something forever. The thought of turning 30 next year is depressing and scary and I don't even want to think about it just yet.

Anyway. In happier news, I took the day off to hang out with Mag. We watched Ted 2, not so much because of the movie itself, but because we watched the first one together on one of our last lazy do-nothing afternoons in town before our lives became busier and I moved away; and so I thought it would be cute to watch the sequel together.

Unfortunately, the sequel was pretty terrible. Mark Wahlberg (?) phoned in his performance and had no chemistry with Amanda Seyfried. I found the court proceedings extremely cringe-worthy and cheesy. I found the obvious pro-gay marriage message preachy and bludgeoning. There were some funny moments (e.g. Marky Mark's character enthusiastically saying that they would fight Ted's case all the way to "Judge Judy") and Amanda Seyfried is really pretty but it was boring overall.

Also, the Wahlberg/Seyfried coupling reminded me of a Guardian article that I read about the significant age gaps between the male and female romantic leads of a typical Hollywood movie, i.e. the male is always much older than the female. It is actually a little bit gross. Wahlberg is 44 and Seyfried is, what, 28 or 29? That's my age, right? Would I make out with a 44-year-old, even one that looked like Mark Wahlberg? All things remaining equal, hell no. Why is it then that such age differences continue to be perpetuated in Hollywood movies? Is the man supposed to pass off for a 30-year-old? Conversely, why can't they cast someone closer to the male actor's age? Once again, thanks for reminding me how women inch that much closer to our use-by date once we hit the big three-o. Bleah.

We had coffee at Providore after the movie and early dinner for Mag and a pre-dinner snack for me at Oriole after coffee. The pancakes I had were really good and bloody sinful. Mag liked her chicken wrap thingy. As always, hanging out was great. It was really nice to be in town with her again, having coffee and gossiping about people and just talking about everything and anything. It was a nice reminder of more innocent times. I miss those days.


I went to work today, barely did anything, and my mom cooked nasi lemak for dinner and ordered my favourite Lana cake for me. Yay! I made a conscious decision to have dinner at home today because I was overseas for my last two birthdays, and will probably not be home for subsequent ones in the near future. I thought it would be nice to spend it with the folks, and indeed, it was.

On the downside, my period decided to give me a present in the form of its presence, and so I suffered half the day with annoying cramps. I even woke up feeling crampy and couldn't believe my luck when the blood arrived. I guess the bright side was that it didn't start flowing when I was still in bed; would've made a right mess.

I bought Garbine Muguruza's Stella McCartney Wimbledon outfit as an indulgent and frivolous birthday present to myself:

I haven't bought Stella at all this year despite her coming out with different designs for one season, for the simple reason that the outfits have been rather boring and uninspiring. I didn't like the Australian Open line because the tank top has a hole in the back and it has a lousy build-in shelf bra that has no padding (hence poky nipples), which...just no. I thought the French Open line was quite cute, but the skirt just didn't fit right. The size S was a bit loose and big, and the size XS hugged my hips a bit too tightly.

The Wimbledon one, though...I love how whimsical the skirt is, and the white top is basic enough to go with other skirts. I'm also going to buy the same top in yellow, and maybe even the skirt in grey if Muguruza manages to rock it.

I really like Muguruza. She seems really sweet and down-to-earth, and her dimples are gorgeous. My parennts called her the 'pretty Spanish girl' when she became famous by beating Serena Williams at the French Open in Round 2 a few years ago, and I didn't see what they saw. But now, I think she's really pretty. She has the kind of beauty that creeps up on you. More importantly, she has really nice clean strokes - pretty-looking forehand, love her service motion, and her backhand is awesome too. I think she'd be even better if she improved her netplay and took more balls out of the air rather than wait for them to drop.

Maria Kirilenko used to be my litmus test of whether a Stella McCartney outfit was worth buying: since she's so absolutely gorgeous, something must be really wrong if an outfit looked bad on her. There was one particular outfit that looked atrocious even on her, and I avoided that one like the plague. Since she's pregnant now though, Muguruza has taken over her role. There's also Andrea Petkovic but I'm sorry, she needs to wear something else; she looks like a man and Stella's more feminine style really looks terrible on her.

Anyway, I can't wait to wear my new outfit!
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