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French OKC Guy

OKC French guy looked nothing like his profile picture. I should have suspected something when I saw that he only had one picture of himself on his profile, but alas, the conversation over the past two weeks was actually quite interesting, even if it did somewhat dwindle towards the end.

I hope I managed to conceal my surprise and, frankly, slight disappointment when I saw what he really looked like in person and his very Singaporean dressing (by that I obviously mean sloppy, flip-flops and all). I felt rather silly for making an effort to look nice by putting on a dress and heels; but then again, I would've done that regardless of who I was meeting (though maybe I would've skipped the heels if the guy hadn't claimed to be 1.8m tall). I have standards, even if the other person doesn't appear to have as rigid standards.

We were at the National Museum which was fucking boring and fucking freezing. We barely looked at anything because he was talking most of the time. It was fine; I didn't have to pay for my ticket and it was all boring Singapore history, so I didn't care. (Aside: I liked how the exhibit is about 700 years of Singapore, as if anything that happened before 1819 actually matters.) I was kind of bubbly at first, my default mode when meeting someone new, and the conversation flowed nicely and all, I could understand most of his English despite the rather strong French accent, and it was only until we sat down at the cafe in the museum (Food for Thought) that I started feeling a bit tired. While I'm always up for a serious, somewhat intelligent conversation, it gets tiring after a while. It didn't help that I woke up feeling tired and that I was probably in the process of coming down with a flu because I feel a bit sick now.

I brought him to CHIJMES after the museum (can't believe he's never been there when he's staying in a hotel just down the road) where we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I was thinking I would find an excuse to head home after dinner, but he suggested that we went to see the fireworks (part of the National Day rehearsal) at "the Bay", in his words. I did say online that I really liked fireworks and he said maybe we could check it out, so I said, "Okay!"

It was good that we went. We walked to the Esplanade and stood by the river with a lot of other people, and the fireworks were right in front of me, almost in my face. It started off with red and white ones, then glitter dusted the sky, and it was loud and colourful and bright and pretty, illuminating the Singapore skyline, reflecting off the shimmery surface of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and I felt a rare appreciation for Singapore that surprised me. I briefly toyed with idea of going to see the fireworks on National Day itself, but when faced with the slight crowd after the fireworks ended, I decided that I definitely did not have it in me to battle with what will surely be a more substantial crowd on 9 August proper. So...yeah, nevermind, forget it.

We had a drink at a random bar at the Esplanade. Conversation continued to flow. I had to make an extra effort because I was kind of tired and I didn't want awkward silences. It was embarrassing when he asked for the bill and I went to the toilet, and I came back and asked if he was ready; what I really meant was 'have you paid?'; and he said 'yeah' and we went off, just to have the waiter calling after us to say that we hadn't paid. Ha, ha, ha. That was definitely a first.

He reminded me a bit of my Icelandic friend Toby from the LSE, both in his um, physique, and his slightly shy demeanour. It was a nice evening but I honestly don't think I would've gone out with him if his photo had been more true to life. I am so superficial right? It wasn't like I had a terrible time; it was nice and enjoyable, but nothing life changing. He's going back to Switzerland on Thursday anyway so it wasn't like anything was going to come out of this.

I'm getting a bit bored of this aimless dating. It's a bit like casual sex: fun at first, but pointless after a while. I must also confess that I still haven't had the same amount of fun as I had with American Mark, and I don't know why. I don't know what was so special about him. This is annoying.

I feel sickly and I am playing tennis in the afternoon, which I really want to do, so I'm going to bed.

(PS. I also re-downloaded Tinder. I fear I'm not going to have many matches because I swipe left on 99% of the guys. I've swiped right on four; two of them are tennis players and that was the only reason I swiped right. Alas...)
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