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I'm bloody tired of looking for articles on nemo dat; Westlaw isn't yielding anything useful, and neither is Lawnet, and Lexis remains impossibly difficult to use. I spent my whole night looking for articles and I haven't read anything and I'm already tired from staring at my laptop screen. So I'm taking a break by writing this entry.</p>

(Okay, to be perfectly honest, I also spent a sizeable portion of my time playing Scrabulous on Facebook. I suppose it's a good thing that I'm rather sick of the game at this point; it's got to a point where I have no idea what the F I'm doing anymore and instead of cracking my brains to think up words that are - not long or complex - strategically placed so that they yield a lot a lot of points. I'm losing all my games and I'm tired of that shit. So, there you go. Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing real quick.)

I'm too lazy to make everything link nicely so I shall write this entry in segments.

1. MSN and Friends

I automatically save all my MSN conversations because I'm sentimental like that. One fine day I arranged all my MSN conversations in order of size, and I discovered, to my utter shock and horror, that one of my friends takes home top prize in taking up the most space in my hard disk. This person takes up so much space that she has not one, but two archived chat logs saved in my "History" folder. Not only that, the current on-going chat log is fast approaching the 2500KB limit.

Who is this person? None other than: RU!SHAN.

Simply put, we talk rubbish to each other online. We talk a lot of rubbish to each other online. The following is a very prime and succinct example:

rui says:
see see
[Me] - Cindy the Crab. says:
look look
rui says:
see see
[Me] - Cindy the Crab. says:
look loojk
rui says:
haha whats wrong with u

Maybe Personal Property Law got to our heads so much that we had to resort to infantile exchanges as per above to entertain ourselves. In that case, do I have a cause of action, nevermind.

Another really good example that I told her I was gonna blog:

[We were talking about Penn Badgely and Chace Crawford, actors who play Dan and Nate in Gossip Girl. Rui likes Penn while Chace is my boyfriend.]
Rui: mine's sexier :D
i think we're nuts
it's so funnyyyyyyy
mines sexier
yours is PRETTYBOY
mine is manlyyy
eh hello my pretty boy happens to be OLDER than your "man" [Penn - born November 1986; Chace - I don't know what month 1985]
who's almost a year younger than youy
mine looks like justin chambers type
u know the alex karev


omg im gonna cry
penn badgley was fugly as a kid
ok he's not fugly NOW
marry meeee
that hair
i have no words
ok stop
GO FE [Financial Econs]
heh heh heh
OH I just saw your nickname [It was rui ♥ Penn Badgely]

i can;'t believe i'm looking for chace's pictures
he's my boyfriend
why do i have to look for his pictures online? it's ridiculous
Chace Crawford * Birthday: November 30, 1999
yahoo tv is retarded


bye mrs crawford
hurr u can be called cindy
okay not funny

[I changed my MSN nickname to "CHACE CRAWFORD. *faints* (PS. My name is Cindy.)
ur name is cindy
my name is totally cindy
and i'm a supermodel
help meeeeeee :P
gh ksdjhksjhktshiajy b@!
im falling off my chairrr

See how completely retarded we are online? And the amount of rubbish we talk to each other? Completely hilarious.

And this one's just in:
rui ssays:
rui says:
rui says:
lemme put up penn again
rui says:
im scared ppl see they also want
rui says:
[Me] - Cindy the Crab. says:
[Me] - Cindy the Crab. says:
[Me] - Cindy the Crab. says:
rui says:
its true!
rui says:
[insert sad emoticon]
[Me] - Cindy the Crab. says:
rui says:
i dont friend u
rui says:
[insert sad emoticon]

She's hilarious. But we do talk non-rubbish too, albeit it's only, like, 2% of the time. We were discussing the finer points of Pearson v Rose earlier on and trying to make sense of why it was held that there was no consent on the owner's part to transfer possession of the car's registration book to the mercantile agent who obtained the book by a trick even though fraud does not vitiate consent. Very stimulating discussion, it was.

So in conclusion, MSNing with hilarious friends who are on the same wavelength as you totally rock. Yay.

2. I Don't Even Know What to Call This - School? Something Like That

Because I'm increasingly sick of writing this entry, I'll just say it plainly: That Emergencies short essay I had to do on Judicial Review in Singapore and UK? Where I made myself read the entire Liversidge v Anderson decision which took me one whole afternoon? You know, the short essay that I thought was utter and complete shite which I was convinced like I hadn't been convinced before that I was going to get a C+ for?

Well, I received a huge shock after class today when Prof returned the assignment and I saw a shocking A- on the grading sheet.


This isn't even a case of me being hard of myself. Seriously. I still think it's shit and I can't bear to read it because it embarrasses me. Prof even commented that I avoided the theoretical discussions that we've been talking about in class, a defect in my essay of which I was very much painfully aware. Accordingly, I thought my essay was superficial and infantile; I thought my failure to relate the issues back to the various theorists we've been talking about, like Schmitt and Dyzenhaus, made the essay a complete goner.

I still think that a lot more could've been done with that topic. And if I didn't have that Rational Choice paper to do, I might have used some of the materials we did in class. Because the essay is basically a constitutional argument about fundamental liberties and separation of powers and how effective and substantive separation of powers means having a judiciary that isn't afraid of checking executive power in times of emergencies, blah blah blah; and at one point I wanted to relate it to something Oren Gross talked about in his Chaos and Rules article about the seepage effect and contamination of ordinary laws, etc. But I exceeded the word limit, I was horribly pressed for time, I had no idea what the hell to do with my stupid essay, and so I left it as it was substantially and spent an hour and a bit more on Monday morning before I had to hand it in editing the language and cutting down the number of words to meet the word limit.

I think it's pretty clear from this essay what my strength is: Writing. Because I honestly think that I didn't get that A- because of my arguments, or substance; I got the grade because of the way I wrote and structured it. Introduction; Point #1 and stand on Point #1; Rebuttal of Point #1 and my rebuttal to the rebuttal of Point #1; Point #2 and stand on Point #2; Rebuttal of Point #2 and my rebuttal to the rebuttal of Point #2; and Conclusion. And that was it, really. Which, I suppose is a good thing; now I just need substance to back up the style. And that, as we all know, is something that can't be achieved overnight. And I have an immense inability to write good exam answers because I'm not fast on the uptake and I need time to think! Ugh.

Anyway, I was going to give up this module because I thought I'd shot everything to hell but now that I've an A- for 20% of my grade, maybe all's not yet lost. There's this term paper that's due in about a month's time and I'm quite looking forward to doing it. That is, once I move past my laziness, which is both inherent and chronic. Not to mention inevitable and unavoidable.

Oh, and I spoke two times in class today, to ask the Chinese exchange student what he thought of Taiwan's culture of (rampant?) media freedom and whatnot. Wasn't entirely relevant, but hey, curiosity needs to be fed. Or whatever.

I am rather tempted to turn the term paper into a longer version of my CLT answer, that is, a very stream of consciousness, personal, emotive account of the dichotomy between Asian values and Western concepts, whatever; but uh, no.

It's a bit too early to think about my term paper considering I have a PPL assignment due next Monday which I really ought to be thinking about right now. And I will.

I'm still considering whether or not to skip Evidence tomorrow. Sigh.

3. The Blogging Thing is Kind of Getting Old

I find that I don't have the mood to write nowadays and I don't know why.

That's all.

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