anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

sick and tired of my essay.

I have 700 words to cut.

I am fucking dying.

And I added a footnote in the middle of the essay which upsets the orderings of the footnotes subsequent to it so I'll have to redo my citations AGAIN after I'm done cutting those 700 words. And I say redo again because I've already redone my citations once.



In order to entertain myself and keep myself from spontaneously combusting, I shall provide random updates of my progress in my quest to reduce my word count to meet the bloody 3000 word limit.

2.48 a.m.: 358 more words to cut.

2.49 a.m.: 354 more words to cut.

2.50 a.m.: 529 more words to cut.

?! Amazing. My dyslexia when it comes to numbers (entirely self-diagnosed) has worked its magic again. The 2.48 a.m. word count is supposed to be 538; I know this because it is stated in my MSN byline. I amaze myself. Why am I wasting time doing this. I want to SLEEP.

2.54 a.m.: 527 more words to cut. I am DYING.

2.56 a.m.: 523 more words to cut. OMG.

2.57 a.m.: 509 more words to cut.

3.00 a.m.: 508 more words to cut after adding in some.

3.03 a.m.: 495 more words to cut.

3.05 a.m.: 493 more words to cut. This is really a fucking painful process.

3.10 a.m.: Took short break by going to the toilet. Back to cutting.

3.12 a.m.: 489 more words to cut. DYING.

3.14 a.m.: 485 more words to cut.

3.17 a.m.: 467 more words to cut. I just deleted one entire sentence and it was a thesis statement.

3.18 a.m.: 477 more words to cut. I added the sentence back because the paragraph was out of nowhere without it.

3.22 a.m.: 445 more words to cut. My head hurts. A lot. As does my neck.

3.24 a.m.: 435 more words to cut. I really wanna sleep.

3.25 a.m.: 391 more words to cut. I really, REALLY wanna sleep.

3.30 a.m.: 381 more words to cut. As I said to Rui on MSN, ARHGGHGER TEAUITNYAII4 UQVIUQ YQFUCKKKKKK.

3.32 a.m.: 379 more words to cut. I am crying inside.

3.35 a.m.: Just had the following exchange with Rui:

rui and her nemo farts says:


rui and her nemo farts says:


rui shan and her nemo farts says:

da bian

Me - Eaten alive by nemo dat. says:


Me - Eaten alive by nemo dat. says:

niao niao

Me - Eaten alive by nemo dat. says:


Me - Eaten alive by nemo dat. says:

ignore me

Me - Eaten alive by nemo dat. says:

im delirious

rui and her nemo farts says:



rui and her nemo farts says:


Me - Eaten alive by nemo dat. says:

im laughing to myself

Me - Eaten alive by nemo dat. says:


rui and her nemo farts says:



rui and her nemo farts says:

im extremely tickled

Me - Eaten alive by nemo dat. says:


rui and her nemo farts says:



rui and her nemo farts says:


I can't survive this torturous night without her!

3.32 a.m.: 366 more words to cut.

3.43 a.m.: 359 more words to cut.

3.45 a.m.: 343 more words to cut.

3.46 a.m.: 243 more words to cut. I just deleted an entire argument. It was the third argument I deleted in the interest of bringing down the fucking word count.

3.49 a.m.: 219 more words to cut. Helppppp.

3.51 a.m.: 214 more words to cut. =( <-- Because I have no words to describe how sad I am.

3.53 a.m.: 194 more words to cut.

3.58 a.m.: 143 more words to cut. VERY TEMPTED to scrape the entire seller in possession segment. It is poorly argued and plain SHITTY. But if I do scrape it, I would have a grand total of two points: duty of care and consent of owner in giving possession to mercantile agent. ARGH.

4.00 a.m.: Very happy to hear the sound of the rain. I feel rather comforted.

4.04 a.m.: 130 more words to cut. My dad just woke up. He's two hours late!

4.08 a.m.: I'm laughing uncontrollably at virtually everything Rui's saying on MSN. I think I'm delirious.

4.11 a.m.: 117 more words to cut. MARGHHHHD GH! <-- Sound of utter distress and pain.

4.13 a.m.: 104 more words to cut. Need a toilet break.

4.16 a.m.: 93 more words to cut. Haven't gone for toilet break.

4.18 a.m.: 70 more words to cut. I just deleted a very nice quote. It was very nice and very irrelevant. Sigh!

4.19 a.m.: 64 more words to cut. The end is near!

4.20 a.m.: Oh wait, I still have to re-do my STUPID footnotes after I get the word count down to 3000. ARGH.

4.26 a.m.: 62 more words to cut. Very very sleepy now.

4.29 a.m.: 45 more words to cut. I WANT TO SLEEP.

4.32 a.m.: 28 more words to cut!

4.37 a.m.: 19 more!

4.38 a.m.: 12 more!!

4.39 a.m.: OMG 6 MORE!!!

4.41 a.m.: ONE MORE!!!!


Okay, time to edit footnotes.

4.57 a.m.: DONE!!!!

Time to do cover page.

5.04 a.m.: Done. The whole damn shit is done. I am going to bed. FINALLY OMG. SO DAMN SLEEPY I COULD TOTALLY DIE RIGHT NOW. BED. NOW. NOW.

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