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I don't know how I do it; I really don't. I don't know how I got rid of 5000 words in my paper and successfully whittled it down to exactly 6000 from 11am to about 5pm (with a lunch break and brownie break in between). I don't know how I do it. More importantly, I wish that I never have to do it again because it is painful, but who am I kidding? This is the story of my life. My eventual PhD thesis will probably be a major nightmare in that regard.

Now that I'm done with this Singapore human rights thing (well, done meaning I submitted it; the editor said it's just the first draft so we will see what happens next), I'm dying to move on to my judicial review paper. I can't wait to start doing research for it.

I played tennis with Australian Mark from 6 to 8. It was pretty awesome when he was actually playing for real and hitting the ball hard instead of just puffing it back. He played at a high leve in Australia, so he's good. I was happy that I hung with him at least half the time in the long rallies, though I definitely lucked out with some lucky mishits that didn't land out. I also mis-time my backhand quite a lot due to the laziness and/or slowness of my feet, so it tends to go down the line. I wish I could do that deliberately more often than not.

My dad didn't go to work today and so I drove myself to work. While driving home after tennis, I suddenly thought, It would be funny if I left my thumb drive in the office. My thumb drive contained the only copy of my paper; I never remember to save an extra copy in my hard drive or the SkyDrive.

When I got home and parked the car, I decided to check that I didn't actually forget my thumb drive.

I actually forgot my thumb drive.

I got home at about 8.45pm and I was all ready to take a shower and start cleaning up my footnotes. Instead, I had to drive all the way back to BTC and back home again to get my thumb drive. I slotted it into the work computer to print a copy of the paper, and of course, I forgot to bring it home. No wonder my mom reminded me to drive the car home last week or so.

I am such a fucking idiot. I really didn't want to miss the deadline because I said that I would submit before midnight and I didn't want to go back on that, even if it wouldn't have mattered. I'm a bit of a stickler for doing the things that I say I would do, just as a matter of principle, I guess. As such, I forced myself to focus for about a couple of hours, despite my fatigue, and I managed to finish it at 11.45pm. I didn't really read it over in earnest because I was really sick of it, so here's hoping that there aren't any, or too many, embarrassing typos.

My reward for submitting my paper was a Skype call with G. I was so excited about seeing him, even if it was just on video, that I couldn't keep the wide grin off my face. He was in bed, like I was (and am). At one point, he got out of bed to get something and I saw that he was in his underwear. Later, he gave me a virtual tour of his apartment and I caught his reflection in the mirror; I squealed, 'Oh my god, you're in your underwear!'

He said, 'Yeah but you've seen me in swimming shorts.'

I said, 'It's not the same!' And then I started giggling.

I swear, this man reduces me to a fucking bimbo. I spent half the Skype call laughing/giggling, especially when I exposed my legs (I wear a tank top and shorts to bed) and he said, 'Ooh look at you. Nice legs!' When I covered them again, he said, 'Why cover yourself up? It's a warm night.'

He's going to the American embassy early in the morning. That's very near BTC. We made plans to meet, subject to how long his visa appointment takes. When I said that I felt like I hadn't seen him in ages, he actually seemed to agree. He said, 'Yeah I know, I know.'

He also kept making comments about doing things together. I don't even know anymore. I am crazy about him. But he's leaving. And then I will leave too. What the fuck then?

I am way too tired to be thinking about this or writing about it. Before we hung up, he said, 'I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. And congratulations on your paper.'

He is so encouraging and positive. I still remember what he said about how it's important to surround yourself with positive people and positive influences...clearly, if I were to follow his edict, I totally need him in my life.

It is my last day at CIL. I need to fix a tea date with Prof. I also need to finish the work that I said I would do, especially sorting out the IDR meeting notes. Ugh. It's not going to be fun.
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