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I don't want to write about G.


I met Prof B for coffee at Reedz today. He gave me PhD-related advice: be self-disciplined; don't work on your thesis over the weekend; get involved in other projects but don't let it detract from your goal, which is the PhD; set deadlines for yourself; network, network, network; sit in on classes that are relevant to your research area; have publications and conference attendance by the time that you are done with the PhD; make friends with other students...

And he also gave me non-PhD related advice: Find a husband in Cambridge.

Anyway. It was enjoyable. I am lucky to have not caught him when he's in a bad mood, so my interactions with him have been very pleasant so far. I was also pleasantly surprised when he said that I stormed into his office in March and somehow, he liked me and gave me a job without asking for any references, which was something that he didn't do a lot. Wow, thank goodness for that - I have no references! (Well, I could dig up a couple but it would take some thinking on my part.)
He also said that the 3-4 years in Cambridge will be some of the best years of my life - I can't wait. I'm quite ready to do this. In fact, I need to throw myself back into work. I need to focus on myself again. Cambridge will be amazing.


This guy who works at Reedz totally has a crush on me. It says a lot about how blindingly obvious it is if I am aware of it; I don't usually notice these things. He complimented me on how I looked a few times, made small talk, always said hi when I showed up, made comments like 'I haven't seen you in a while', I told him that I'd left NUS and that I was going to Cambridge. He said something along the lines of 'I haven't seen you in a few days and you're leaving!'

When I left the cafe with Prof B, he came running out to say bye to me. Oh my god. Prof B was all, 'You have a fan! Nobody says goodbye to me when I leave.'

It was actually rather awkward after a while. At first I was friendly, but eventually I couldn't really be bothered. It was even a bit annoying. I can't explain it. Is it bad that I'm not really flattered by these things? Because I'm not.


I was supposed to play tennis with Kevin at 4pm, but due to some miscommunication, he thought that I meant next Friday. It was okay though; this random chap at the wall asked if I wanted to have a hit while I thought I was waiting for Kevin to show up, and we had a hit for about an hour. It was really hot. But it was good. It felt great. I really wanted to hit the ball; I needed to hit the ball. This man could play and I liked the pace that he gave me (though I couldn't deal with his backhand slices to my forehand; and there is definitely a dead spot on Court 4 at CCAB). I hit the ball pretty well. I was pleased.

Still, tennis gives me too much time to think. I can't quite completely lose myself in it the way I can lose myself in running. There is too much down time between points, and during the time used to walk around the court picking up balls, my mind ends up going back to the thing that I don't want to think about. It doesn't quite clear my mind afterwards either; I'm still plagued with the same shit.

Nevertheless, it still feels good to hit the ball well. I'm playing again tomorrow morning at 10am. It is going to be hot. Therefore, it is going to be awesome.
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