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a bit of an aftermath.

As can be seen from the previous entry, I'm not very coherent at 5 in the morning. Not even when I'm subsisting on pretty much nothing but caffeine, a vile habit which I'm sure will come back one day to bite me in the ass.</p>

I just woke up from what was supposed to be a short afternoon nap that I took at 4.30 p.m. I went to bed at 5.30, probably fell asleep at 6, and woke up 3 hours later for class. I was cranky in school - so cranky, in fact, that when I couldn't find my paper in the printing room I was all, "Where the fuck is my fucking paper? Where the fuck is it ah?" Which shocked a few individuals around me, and for that I must say that I'm terribly sorry. But hey, lesson learned: Don't come near me when I've had three hours of sleep because I spent two hours of my precious sleep cutting out words from my essay. All the time put into writing those paragraphs and sentences that eventually ended up on the cutting room floor - it's utterly painful, I tell you. The 'reduce word count' part of writing a paper is, hands down, the most excruciating, my least favourite.

I just had dinner. At TEN THIRTY P.M. Oh the horrors.

Prior to this morning when I left the house for Personal Property lecture I hadn't stepped out of the house since Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were wholly spent at home, 90% of the time in my room, at my table, staring at my laptop. I wouldn't have survived if it weren't for MSN, my sole contact with the outside world, and fellow sufferers on MSN who made me laugh hysterically in wee hours of the morning. See, for instance, the conversation I had with Rui posted in the previous entry, as well as the following:

i'm dyingggg
don't die don't die
its not worth it
tehy won't feel remosreful even if u die
i'm going to blog what you said :P
it's hilariousssssssss
hahaha its true wat!
u'd serve no purpose by dying, at least if he feels remorse you'd be like a matyr or sth
now u'll just be dying for nothing

Despite the utter hell that the weekend was, re-reading and re-reading cases and articles and pulling my hair out over my non-existent arguments and non-existent thesis and moving around chunks in my essay and trawling Westlaw for new cases and reading those new cases and finding things that were directly on point at 1 a.m. 22 October Monday and attempting to fit those new things into the essay when I really didn't have to because they didn't say anything new but I did anyway, I've never felt happier doing an assignment. Not because I wuv Persprop weary much, but because of my fellow sufferers and those moments of commiseration and whining and bitching to each other over MSN.

I have a term paper for Emergencies due November 12/13 and I'm quite sad that I'd be doing it all alone. Sigh.

Anyway, despite feeling like I'd been hit by a truck over and over, I followed my friends to Wine Company where we had a very yummy lunch of spinach pizza and a sausage platter (them). Rui, Mag, Chloe, Audrey, and Daniel(le) who refused to participate in the 'whoever draws the smallest card eats the last remaining slice of pizza' exercise we had when everyone was super full and couldn't eat anymore. In the end Rui drew the smallest and made Mag and I eat a piece each from that slice.

And Rui was doing funny things in the toilet at Wine Co. which had the four of us laughing hysterically, especially after Chloe said what she said about yeast in the fridge/freezer. HAHAHAHA.

I would've gone to town with Mag and Daniel(le) if I weren't so incredibly sleepy.

I love my friends.

I have a shitload of work to do, especially for Evidence which I've been slacking off for the entire semester, and it's 8 credits, so it means I'm screwed. Brilliant, really. And part of me still can't believe that I banked four whole credits on one 4000-word paper. What was I thinking?

I have too many active Scrabulous games. I'm rather sick of it now, when I have some spare time to play; but when I had an assignment to do, I couldn't stop playing. The ironies of life.

Still pretty groggy even though it's 11.33. It's a strange feeling, waking up at 10 p.m. and feeling like the entire day had just passed you by even though you were just in school in the morning, just at Wine Company over lunch. It's been a very disorienting day.

Need to get started on work proper tomorrow.

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