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dreaming about personal property law. literally. (and other stories.)

I clicked on this link from a friend's blog and I would like to highlight the following paragraph:</p>

"Singapore, he said, is the perfect actualisation of the ancient Chinese political philosophy, Legalism, which emphasises the rule of law."

The very first thought that came to mind when I read that rubbish Straits Times article was not Li Ao is so right, or Li Ao is so wrong, or Li Ao is so obnoxious, or Li Ao is a total genius; my very first thought was, "Does this writer even know the meaning of "rule of law"? In fact, I bet he Wikipedia-ed 'legalism' and paraphrased Wiki's definition.

Anyway, I vaguely remember responding to the Li Ao thing and since it's more than a year old, and since I really don't care enough about this country to be arsed to formulate a response, and needless to say I don't care enough to react, let's move on to a topic tangentially related to this one.

I had a very strange and stupid dream. I took my parents' car and drove myself to some shopping centre where I wanted to do some shopping. I parked the car outside the entrance, along the curb, and went in for a shopping spree.

I don't remember doing any shopping. What I remember is this: I went back out, intending to get into my car and drive home; but my car was gone. I double-checked that I was at the place where I parked it, and I was, and the car was still gone. Somehow it transpired that I'd parked at the loading/unloading space and someone took my car away.

I have no idea how that person managed to take my car away without my keys, but things aren't supposed to make sense in dreams.

And because things aren't supposed to make sense in dreams, the person that took my car away was...Mag's cousin.

What the hell, right? And it was her male cousin. I don't even know any of her cousins in real life.

But it gets even more ridiculous: I frantically called Mag who told me that her cousin would return me my car tomorrow, and I was frantic because my parents would kill me if I told them that I'd lost the car (some things don't change, even in dreams). Assured from the phone call, I went home, everything was all good, and for some reason my mom didn't even ask where the car was.

So all was good...except the next day I received an SMS from Mag telling me that she didn't know where her cousin was. Obviously I panicked, and in my state of panic I reasoned, "You know what? It's not that bad. I can threaten him with a lawsuit. Say that I'm gonna sue him for conversion."

And I really felt very secure in that thought! Like, oh, it's not a big problem really; all I gotta do is to lean on him with the law. Sue him for (the?) conversion of my car!

I think this is what happens when you spend your whole weekend during a Personal Property Law assignment: You dream about it. Nevermind that the topic of your assignment had nothing to do with the topic of your dream.

Actually, the plaintiffs in all those cases sued the defendants for conversion, so I suppose my dream was tangentially related to my nemo dat assignment.

What a horribly ridiculous dream. I am rather amused with it myself.

I have Emergencies tomorrow at 12 and I haven't finished reading even the first article I told myself to finish reading by 5. It's 11 now so obviously I'm behind time like I've always been behind time before. Great. Some things really never change.

Also, if I swallow my pride once, I swallow my pride once. The next time is on you to make the first move. Since I won't do it again, things will just patter out like that until we don't know each other anymore. Oh well, too bad, right? Can't say I was expecting anything else, really.

Also, I think maybe I've spent too much time with some people 'cause the lack of time spent lately is making me miss them. And it's the sort of lack of time spent that applies to most other people, not all of whom I could say I miss, so..yes. Definitely too much time spent. But things really aren't that complicated; in fact they're pretty black and white. So I'll look forward to the end of the week and have lots of fun then.

I'm going to the cocktail reception thingy on Friday and so far I don't think anyone's going with me. There are like, 70 places, what the hell? Mag signed up too late, and Kenneth signed up later than her so I doubt he got a spot. I don't know for sure 'cause he hasn't told me yet but I hope a miracle happened and he got a spot 'cause I really don't wanna talk to lawyers all by myself. The whole point of going to the thingy is to corner my ex-boss who still owes me something after not answering my email and I still haven't got round to calling him/his secretary because I'm lousy like that and I only remember to do it when it's after office hours, so...well, I don't know. Hopefully I'd know people, but if I don't, and I'm by myself, I'd just leave.

And I do think that I'm wholly capable of bearing a grudge for the rest of my life. As well as being emo about a certain issue for the rest of my life. And I've thought about it and decided, once again, that guys who are not and never were and never will be your friends are useless. In fact, non-friends guys are good for two things: making out and sex. Which is really two sides of the same coin, so they're good for one thing.

Guys who ARE my friends, however, are cherished as much as girls who are my friends and the above rant does not apply to them in any way, shape, or form.

And guys who attempt to pick girls up on Facebook are fucking retarded. There's actually this dude from NUS Computing who went around adding random girls, and he added me too and I took one look at the retarded and grammatically-incorrect message he wrote and just knew that I had to show it to all my friends so that we could all laugh at him. But it turned out that I didn't have to show some of them his message because they'd already received it. We went to look at his friends list and discovered that out of...I dunno, fifty? "friends", two of them are guys. The rest are girls. And his wall was full of posts like, "Hi, thanks for adding me! Who are you?" Seriously, how retarded and desperate could a person get?

And why do seemingly-respectable men have to give me their phone numbers after I send a very innocuous reply to their message asking about Sonic Youth? Maybe I'm jaded, but I refuse to get myself into scrapes that involve horny men hoping to get around the whole nemo dat quod non habet thing that wholly applies to me. I find it difficult to believe that good-looking Caucasian men a decade older than me really want to talk to me about music over coffee. Right.

I saw this butch-looking woman the other day at the Esplanade and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was hot. I think lesbianism isn't that out of the question for me; all I need for my female partner is to look like a guy.


Okay, shit, I have no idea what I'm talking about. I really ought to attempt to complete my readings, though it's rather over-ambitious considering there are four articles and they're on the average 30 pages long. Fucckkkk.

I think it's rather apparent that, despite all my 'guys are useless and only good for making out' declarations, I'm still very much conservative when it comes to casual flings. It would be nice not to be, but as long as I still live at home and have to look at my parents every day, I can't imagine ever going down that road.

And you know what? I still think about protecting people's privacy when I don't give a damn about their existence either way.

Oh well, whatever. Need to read my articles.

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