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I am rather tired of attempting to read my Personal Property stuff. In the midst of attempting to read my Pers Prop stuff, I came across yet another highly inventive "word" that exists solely and exclusively in the legal realm. It amused me quite a bit and therefore I thought I should stop reading for a bit, even though I'm severely out of time, and write out a list of these highly inventive "words" that exist solely and exclusively in the legal realm. </p>

Contractor/contractee (per Sir Collins M.R. in Tolhurst v Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers Ltd (Court of Appeal))
Pawnor/pawnee? (I vaguely recall coming across this, but I could be wrong)

If I give someone a gift, am I a giftor and the recipient of the said gift a giftee?

If I kiss someone, am I a kissor and the person being kissed a kissee?

If I fuck someone, does that make me a fuckor and the person being fucked a fuckee?

Okay, this is ridiculous.

By the way, I don't know who the obligor and the obligee are. People shouldn't be so lazy. Just state simply who you're referring to lah. Aiyo.

Lastly, I love Brothers and Sisters.

And lastly again, I feel like going club-hopping with my cousin and her friends this Saturday! So tempted. So very tempted. Because I'm damn bored. But I have no money. Though I'm sure I could get people to buy me drinks if I wanted to. But I don't really like drinking anymore. And I still have no money. But I feel like going. Because I am bored. Bleah.

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