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I hate tennis right now; therefore, I also hate life.

It was almost predictable that Roger would lose a third grand slam final in a row to Novak Djokovic. I didn't even expect him to win and was pretty much resigned to a loss before the match was even played; watching the last two Wimbledon finals has taught me well.

After a three hour rain delay (I got up at 5am and went back to bed, then got up again at about 7.30am), Roger lost the match in the most ridiculous and perplexing fashion. Djokovic wasn't even that good; he was just the better player on the day, and they were both pretty bad. Roger had a million chances to break; had the momentum after winning the second set, breaking Djokovic, then had chances to take the third, but couldn't convert any of his break points; had break points in the fourth when Djokovic served for it 5-4, but made a stupid, STUPID return error at 15-40, then another unforced error on his advantage point, and then Djokovic slammed the door shut.

It was shitty. It was flabbergasting. It was completely unbelievable. It was so outrageously bad that I don't even feel sad. He didn't deserve to win it playing like that, plain and simple. This was his BEST CHANCE to win another slam. He had over 20 break points and converted something ridiculous like 4 or 5. It's about the big moments, not the irrelevant points; and he was terrible - plain terrible - on the big points. Djokovic was there for the taking but Roger could not do it.

I couldn't even be bothered getting excited about his 'amazing form' coming into the final. He hadn't dropped a set and hadn't been broken, but that sounded quite familiar, i.e. I heard the same narrative during Wimbledon and look what happened. Look what happened today: the same bullshit. Except today, Djokovic wasn't as sharp or focused as he was in the Wimbledon final. This loss is entirely on Roger. He blew it. It does not diminish his greatness in any way, and winning an 18th major wouldn't have added to it; but oh, how glorious it would have been if he had won, and he had to go and blow it.

It seems like Djokovic is in his head. That, and he doesn't seem to be able to play the big matches as well as he used to anymore. This wasn't really the same guy who won 17 slams and won Wimbledon and the US Open five times in a row; someone playing like a chicken on big points doesn't achieve all that. He played like it was his first grand slam final. I guess he is human after all, just like Serena Williams; and of course he's still my favourite etc., but this really sucks. I feel like I've been taking multiple blows to the system lately: shitty election results, the emotional tailspin I've been in, and now Roger loses a grand slam final that was fucking THERE for the taking.

Life sucks right now. The Indonesians are also polluting my air, so I can't even play tennis or swim or go out to run. This sucks. I hope my Bali trip helps me get my groove back; as it stands, I don't want to do anything. I just want to crawl into my bed and sleep all day, but I'm not a loser so I won't do that. Instead, I will go out, have lunch, meet friends, and get on with things. It will all be okay...somehow.
Tags: bad day, novak djokovic, rant, roger federer, tennis, us open

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