anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Monday started off shitty but ended pretty great. I met Mag for cake/coffee at the Lady M, then had drinks with Ruishan at the Horse's Mouth Bar. I had a great time with my friends. Rui always makes me laugh; she is adorable and hilarious. The bartender was very chatty, a little bit too much at times, but it was all good. Rui kept announcing that I'm going to Cambridge to do a PhD, until the bartender that was talking to us told another bartender who proceeded to shake my hand. I was a bit embarrassed at one point and even said that I got in because I was lucky - which was totally a manifestation of the imposter syndrome!

Then again, it's quite plausible that it's not so much the imposter syndrome but more a cultural thing, i.e. Asians generally don't like to brag or show off their accomplishments; therefore, I deflected the praise with 'I got lucky' - which isn't untrue.

Anyway. My head really hurts. I have a morning flight to catch to Bali. I really hope that it clears my mind somehow. Off to bed.
Tags: cambridge, friends, mag, rui

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