anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i'm pissed off without a real reason.

I think The New Paper should cease to exist. I don't get the point of publishing an English paper written in atrocious English and quasi-serious "news" reports with nothing more than sensational headlines meant to grab attention and nothing more. I cannot believe how many grammatical errors their stupid articles contain, and sometimes I really don't know whether to laugh at the pretentiousness of their writing or to lament the lack of quality print media in Singapore. There is only one local (English) newspaper that is comparable to international standards, and that is The Straits Times. I mean, The Straits Times is like The New York Times while The New Paper is like The New York Post, you know? </p>

It's fucking stupid. If people buy the paper for their football content, The New Paper might as well morph into The Football Times or something, only they'd go all pseudo-American and be all, "The Soccer Times".

Hahahahahahahaha. I can't believe I used to read it. But then, I was in primary school and hence stupid so I think I forgive myself.

And I also don't care that the local print media is monopolised by The Straits Times. I don't care either that Today and Streats have to merge or whatever because I thought they were a waste of ink anyway. Who the hell reads Today and Streats?

Okay, a lot of people do, but hey, a lot of people are stupid.

And I think Singaporeans who are single or married without kids who buy four-wheel drive cars should just kill themselves. What the hell is the point? Mr. Dore travels around on a bike and some ratty old car and I think we should all learn from his example. I mean, nobody cares about the conservation of energy anymore. I was reading my Econs notes today and there was this model answer (badly written) to some question on the effects of a rise in oil prices and one part of the answer went, "Developed countries would look for alternative sources of fuel in the long run and attempt to save energy."

If that were the case, why the hell are we so paranoid about the US$60 per barrel of oil thing? Obviously we haven't learnt from the 1970s, and with a fucker like Bush in charge of the USA, one of the most wasteful countries in the world, who refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol, I cannot believe that whoever wrote the answer could've made that comment. How naive and deluded.

Bottom line: We're all gonna die. Have fun.

Took a nap today. The Econs made me very sleepy.

I'm bored and sick of everything.

And it does not help that the rock-sounding (note the phrase) Stephanie Sun song has been stuck in my head the whole afternoon and it's still there.

Tags: rant

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